• Suspending bus transport activity in all its forms


    Gentlemen/companies and passenger transport institutions in the Eastern region


    Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards and informs you that it has received a letter from His Excellency the Director-General of the Ministry of Transport Branch 37879 dated of 07/25/1441 referred to in the generous High Order No. (45524) and the date of 07/25/1441  which states in (second) of it the following:

    (1) With regard to buses and taxis:

    (A) Suspending the activity of transporting passengers in buses of all forms for a period of (14) days after (24) hours after issuance

    Approval, except for buses belonging to government agencies or public or private health facilities, and the facility c

    Commercial transports its employees, or that are used for health, humanitarian or security purposes in accordance with letters issued by the Ministry of Interior or Health).

    (B) Suspending the activity of transporting passengers in taxis for a period of (14) days after (24) hours from the date of approval, with

    An exception is a service provided by airports, air transportation, as estimated by the General Authority of Civil Aviation,

    Passenger activity is restricted to private vehicles that work with applications. And not include the comment

    Vital sectors such as health, services, commodities (food, energy, water, telecommunications,

    And the like), as well as the necessary air freight and security transfers, and that this is based on what the committee appreciates

    The problem with both orders No. (34130) on 01/06/1441 AH and No. (35280) on 06/07/1441 AH concerned with taking all precautionary measures to prevent the outbreak of the Coronavirus in the Kingdom, taking all necessary precautions.

    Accordingly, it was decided to suspend the activity of transporting passengers by buses and taxis inside or between cities or outside the Kingdom, taking into account buses and taxis and the excepted cases, as of six o'clock in the morning on Saturday 26/07/1441 corresponding to 03/21/2020 and adherence to that for a period Comment is limited to (14) days from the date of the comment.

    Please accept my sincere greetings and appreciation​

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