Vision And Mission

Chamber's Vision

Leadership and excellence in caring for the interests of the business sector in the Eastern Province.

Chamber's Mission

At the Chamber, we aim to provide unique and high quality services that ​meet the aspirations of the private sector, thus ensuring continuous development through the optimal investment in available resources, renewable technologies, and effective participation in the economic and social development of the region; thus realizing the wishes of our members in light of the values and principles of our society.

Chamber's Goals

First Segment: Chamber’s Members

  • Special relationships between the Chamber’s members and Governmental agencies to support the economic activities.
  • Organizing seminars, conferences, delegation exchanges, and educating the business sector.
  • Activating the Committee’s activities to care for the interests of the Chamber’s subscribers and to suggest economic activities at the national level.
  • Unique services in all the service centers and branches.
  • Continuous cooperation between the Chamber and local and foreign international entities.

Third Segment: The Economy of the Eastern Province

  • Encouraging the private sector to invest in the economic sectors of the Eastern Province.
  • Participating in achieving sustainable economic growth in the Eastern Province.
  • Encouraging and supporting the social activities in the Eastern Province.

Fifth Segment: Financial Resources

  • Continuous growth in the number of members.
  • Substantial financial returns from the investment of assets and continuous cost reduction
  • Substantial financial returns from the commercialization of innovative products and services.

Chamber's Slogan

Working Together for a Better Future


Second Segment: Chamber’s Products and Services

  • Provision of distinct products and services of added value to our members
  • Provision of unique preparation and training programs.
  • Excellence in the segments of research, studies, and information to support the business sector in the Eastern Province.
  • Supporting the small and medium enterprises and encouraging innovation and creativity and the culture of self-employment.
  • Promoting the culture of information and awareness while highlighting the Chamber’s role inserving its members.

Fourth Segment: Internal Working Environment

  • Stimulating environment and highly qualified human resources.
  • Complete systems, regulations, and procedures.
  • High quality products and services.
  • Complete technology based working environment.

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