Studies and Reports

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Why Invest In Eastern Province?​
Saudi Banks Defy Global Credit Crisis​
Managing Oil Windfall​
Saudi Economy Uneffected by the Global Economic Crisis​
2009 Saudi Budget
The Mining Industry
The Petrochemical Industry Forges Ahead​
The Eastern Province​
A General Study of The Logistical Services Sector​

The Center routinely creates and publishes a series of informative reports that focus on topics of importance to investors in the Eastern Province specifically, and in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in general. This is done through the collection and analysis of data and then through its presentation. In addition, the Center writes and publishes a series of important economic publications such as: “why invest in the eastern province” containing detailed information on the competition and trends of the goods of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to foreign markets, and the most important importers and exporters to it. In addition, it also highlights the promising markets for the investors in the Eastern Province.

In addition to the “Promising International Markets” bulletin that focuses on studies and analysis of important and promising countries, which helps investors in the Eastern Province on building future marketing policies in that country and increasing export quantities to it.

Furthermore, the “Trade Relations” bulletin comprises studies on trade relations between the Kingdom and other countries by displaying and analyzing the trade indicators between the Kingdom and the country in perspective. This bulleting also displays important commodities that are exported to and imported from countries while also including important economic and trade agreements between these countries and the Kingdom.

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