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Asharqia Chamber was established in 1372 (1952). Since its establishment and until now, it has made great strides at various levels, starting from its care for the interests of its members, its constant interest in developing its services for its subscribers from businessmen, to its contribution to the development of the economies of the Eastern Province, and its distinguished initiatives in serving the economy and society in the Kingdom, through its development itself administratively, organizationally and financially. As the Chamber witnessed many developments and expansions, on the "horizontal" and "vertical" levels, which made it occupies a prominent position among the chambers of commerce and industry at the Arab and regional levels.

Among the most prominent indicators of this development is the growth in the number of businessmen subscribers, from (19 joint members) in Shawwal 1372 to more than (104 thousand joint members) at the end of the year 2020 and from an old building consisting of a room and a hall to a building established to be a landmark of the eastern region, as it represents an engineering, architectural and aesthetic masterpiece in the region, with its four floors that include - in addition to the offices of various departments - many luxurious and elegant halls for international and local conferences, seminars, meetings, and exhibitions.

The "Chamber" expanded horizontally, and instead of a single building represented in the main headquarters in Dammam, it extended to the various governorates of the Eastern Province, to provide its services to businessmen in its branches in Jubail, Khafji, and Qatif. Vertically, the Asharqia Chamber does not stop developing, and at this level, the Chamber witnessed many aspects and images of this development, for example, the establishment of the Small and Medium Enterprises Development Center, the Training Center, the Investment Center, the Social Responsibility Center, Businesswomen center, The special services center, and other services, on the one hand, reflect the Chamber's orientations and interests in serving the country and the region, and on the other hand, its keenness to adopt specific issues that confirm its future vision.

From here, the Chamber played a wider role and a deeper impact on economic life, not only in the eastern region but also in the Kingdom and the Arabian Gulf. Over the course of more than five decades, the Chamber's business has grown to become one of the most important commercial and economic institutions in the Kingdom.

In light of this, the spectrum of the future expanded in front of the Chamber to keep pace with the successive and increasing growth, so it worked and is still keeping pace with the civilizational renaissance in the Kingdom, to affect it and be affected by it, and began planning for the future, as it is the best option to provide better services (in quality) and more (in quantity) to the subscribers In a way that keeps pace with the progress and expansion of the economic movement in the eastern region in particular, and the Kingdom in general.

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