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Who serves you at the Special Services Center (VIP)?

The center was created specifically for those members at the Premier level with the task of coordinating to provide them with the Chamber’s service offerings. The person in charge of member relations at the VIP center is an expert with the highest qualifications, and the center’s members can count on him to provide all their needs, complete all the services they request, and do it at a rapid pace. In addition, if your valuable time does not allow you to visit us at the center, the member liaison is only a phone call away.

What are the added benefits provided to the Center’s member?

- Adopting commercial notebooks
- Issuance of discount permits
- Issuance of promotion permits
- Issuance of certificates of origin for re-exports
- Certificate for the agent of a foreign company

Other services:

Issuance of VIP identification cards to the enterprise owner and executive manager.

SMS service: the center communicates with you via mobile phone in order to keep you updated with information and Chamber activities.

Providing advertising space in the Chamber’s publications in order to cover the activities of the Center’s members.

Special parking spaces for the Center’s members.

B.) Sector Services: (Commercial, Production, Services)

Acts a liaison between state officials and the private sector with the objective of serving and developing the various economic sectors by noting and studying the issues and drawbacks they face and working to solve them.
These sectors are composed of 21 sector committees that work to follow up on the systems and decisions related to the private sector, while proposing what adjustments should be made. Premier level members are invited to participate in these committees and present their viewpoints to the officials. Having said that, we aim to act as a coordinative body between the Chamber’s members and the officials in order to achieve higher efficiency and greater success related to the participation of the private sector in supporting the national economy.

C.) Information Center and Studies Services

The Information Center and Studies Center provides information databases that allow the Chamber’s members the opportunity to retrieve any information they may require and at any time using the Internet or through the following information databases:

Information Center Credit System.
Database comprised of more than 19,000 establishments that have economic activities in the Eastern Province.
Commercial and Industrial information database.
Events and activities database.
Out of Kingdom commercial establishments’ database.
Database composed of all the Information Center’s data such as documents, research, statistics, and Arabic and English periodicals.
Providing available feasibility studies at an affordable price.
Chamber publications at no cost.

D.) Public Relations Services

The Public Relations Department aims to serve the Chamber’s members by strengthening the communication and discussion channels between the businessmen amongst themselves from one standpoint, and between them and their foreign counterparts from another. The objective of this is to expand the available opportunities to undertake activities and investments jointly. In this regard, the Chamber receives many commercial and industrial delegations yearly from different parts of the world with the objective of creating joint activities with its members, leading to substantial cost savings for them if they tried to do these themselves, i.e. travel expenditures and/or expenditures related to bringing in foreign companies for visits. In addition, the public relations department organizes visits with the Governmental heads with the objective of indicating to them the Chamber’s objectives related to serving the interests of our members.

E.) Legal Department Services

The Legal Department provides legal services the most important being:
Legal advisory Trade disputes and commercial paper issues

F.) Training Center Services

The Chamber’s training center takes from the best experiences of the various training centers both locally and internationally in order to meet our desired objective of serving our members at the lowest possible cost, and using the best methods to ensure the training center provides the actual needs of the private sector. This is done by providing special discounts to employees of Premier level companies for training courses organized by the Chamber. In addition, it also provides the ability to benefit from the training facilities at a discounted price for Premier level members.

G.) Media and Publications Services

The Special Services Center (VIP) is intent on providing its members with the latest news and columns related to the various economic activities. In addition, it provides them with direct services by publishing investment opportunities, exhibitions, circulars, and the monthly magazines “Iktisaad” and “Saudi Commerce” at no extra charge.

G.) Businessmen’s Club

The Businessmen’s Club is held on the first Tuesday of every Hijri month after Maghreb prayers at the Chamber’s headquarters, and is considered to be one of the most important social events for businessmen in the Eastern Province. The club provides an opportunity for its participants to get to know each other, exchange information and ideas, and build friendly relationships.


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