Member Services

The Members

The Members and Branches Department provides subscription, attestation, and commercial services to it​​s members and the business community with operational efficiency by using the latest techniques and information systems.

The Message

We in the Members and Branches Department aim to provide and develop unique and high quality services by providing services effectively, efficiently, and easily, and by utilizing the optimal investment in available resources and renewable technologies to achieve the aspirations of our members.


  • Increasing our member base.
  • Achieving the highest standards of quality in our services.
  • Promoting the partnership principle with Membership Departments at Chambers of Commerce and at the Council of
  • Chambers level.

  • Strengthening the relationship with the State institutions in order to support the capacity of providing services.
  • Strengthening the relationships with the private sector in providing data and information.
  • Continuous follow-up of the ongoing changes that affect service delivery.
  • Development of the branches and increasing their effectiveness in providing services to members in their respective
  • districts.

  • Opening communication channels with members in order to measure the direction of the private sector towards the levels
  • of services provided.

  • Training and preparing human resources in order to increase their productivity and skills related to providing distinct
  • services.

  • Developing detailed and complete databases of the economic activities.
  • Focusing on providing electronic services.

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