• Rehabilitation and preparation of the arbitrators program


    Gentlemen/ Members of the Chamber


    Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards and informs you of receiving the letter of the Commercial Arbitration Center for the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf No. (T/2021/3) dated (July 2021), It is indicated that the Arbitration Center for the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf “Dar Al-Qarar​” puts in your hands the prospectus for the third edition of the Program for Qualifying and Preparing Arbitrators 2021, which over the past years has contributed to qualifying Gulf and Arab cadres in various disciplines by increasing their knowledge and giving them a scientific dose And training on the concept and essence of arbitration, its nature and types, and the development of arbitration legal thought. The graduate of the program can practice the role of the arbitrator and even adopt him in the center’s lists, and his name is circulated to the ministries of justice and the Gulf Chambers of Commerce for the possibility of using him in any arbitration dispute.​

    Care was also taken to prepare the practical material, the book “Arbitration in Knowledge and Action” by the center’s experts and advisors, by formulating a court in harmony with the legislation of the GCC countries, the UNCITRAL rules, and the 1958 New York Convention. The program includes six main stages covering all aspects of the arbitration process, which will be implemented through the Microsoft Teams virtual training platform because of its data protection and user security, which in turn will allow access to the largest segment of those interested in the field of arbitration from all sectors and disciplines to play the appropriate role in resolving arbitration disputes.

    For more information, registration or inquiries, you can visit the program’s website: (www.gccacac.org) Tel: (0097317278005 - 0097317278018 - 0097317278017) WhatsApp (0097339290859) Email (training@gcccac.org).

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