• Filling out a questionnaire about the importance of unifying and harmonizing sectors in the legislation for the issuance of fees, taxes and zakat and standardizing the issuance reference


    ​Gentlemen/ Members of the chamber


    Asharqia Chamber presents you with its best regards, and informs you of receiving a letter from the Riyadh Chamber No. (220301042) dated (9/23/1443 AH), noting that the Rafeef Office for Administrative Consultation is currently preparing a study entitled: "​The importance of unifying and coherent sectors in the legislation of issuing fees, taxes, zakat and standardization of reference." 

         The Riyadh Chamber informs you that this study will be under the supervision of the scientific team of the Riyadh Economic Forum in the Chamber, by collecting and analyzing data from its official sources to ensure the accuracy of the study’s outputs and obtain recommendations, initiatives, and solutions to find a mechanism for unifying the reference for issuing fees.​

    Given the importance of your participation in this important work, we hope to facilitate the task of the consulting office by filling out the questionnaire on the following link: https://2u.pw/zbK7o​ 

    Note that this information will be confidential and used only for study purposes.​ 

    Sincerely yours


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