• The program (Nasna) in its 4th week reviews marketing, sales and skills building and preparing factories


    In the 4th week of  (Nasna) program, the trainees underwent specialized training courses in marketing and sales, and the skills of building and processing the factories provided by Engineer Nassim Zamit.

    The trainees had completed the third week with a number of training sessions that discussed the legal procedures and industrial licensing procedures.

    They also had the opportunity to meet at the end of the week with a number of related entities granting industrial permits such as Modon and the Secretariat of the Eastern Region.


    The program held at the Chamber's headquarters in cooperation with SABIC in order to show its efforts to support the young business sector in the provision of training for 15 trainees - qualified persons who were selected after the interview - in order to help young investors to establish their small and medium industrial projects.

    The program covers several aspects needed by trainees, most notably technical, administrative, marketing, financial, legal and feasibility studies, where trainees undergo 200 hours of training period.

    At the end of the program, the trainee will be awarded the professional certificate for qualifying the industrial investor, as he/she will become eligible for support from SABIC's Nosaned program to build his/her own plant.


    The three-month program, which ends on Wednesday, 10 April 2019, aims at graduating 30 young people with the capacity and competence to set up small and medium-sized enterprises in an organized and professional manner, where it provides multiple services during the meeting, during which the services of incorporation and financing.


    The Chamber and through a joint committee with SABIC held personal interviews with applicants to join the program on a number of criteria the beginning of January, the most prominent of which are: possessing the qualities of successful entrepreneur, scientific or professional knowledge in the field, practical experience in the field, strategic objectives of the project, knowledge of the need of the market impact of the project on the economy, localization of products, in addition to the project's alignment with the Kingdom's Vision 2030 that stressed the idea of providing the project with job opportunities for Saudis, export opportunities, innovation, and financial aspects.

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