• The legal relationship between the employee and the employer at the Asharqia Chamber Business Incubator


    " The legal relationship between the employee and the employer" at the Asharqia Chamber Business Incubator‚Äč

    On Tuesday, May 14, 2024, the Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Asharqia Chamber Entrepreneurship Incubator, organized a meeting entitled "The Legal Relationship between the Employee and the Employer," presented by lawyer Omar bin Ibrahim Al-Amoudi and lawyer Khaled bin Ahmed Balhaddad, in the presence of a number of interested people and entrepreneurs.

    During the meeting, lawyer Omar Al-Amoudi discussed the provisions of fixed-term contracts, the provisions of indefinite-term contracts, the provisions of the trial period and the hours of working days. Al-Amoudi stressed the importance of each party knowing his rights and duties, which contributes to facilitating work and limits the occurrence of disputes - God forbid -. And adjust the relationship between the two parties.


    While lawyer Khaled Al-Haddad noted to the attendees the importance of the documentation process and knowledge of the work system with regard to the contractual and legal relationship between the employee and the employer, Al-Haddad pointed out the importance of legal awareness for both parties, which contributes to creating professional environments that stimulate business.

    It is noteworthy that the meeting comes within the Chamber's activities to maximize the impact of training, qualification and awareness programs in the labor market for entrepreneurial projects, which contributes positively to achieving the goals of Saudi Vision 2030, represented by the Asharqia Chamber Entrepreneurship Incubator to enable projects to compete locally and globally by providing a high-quality entrepreneurial environment. Raising the efficiency of incubated and interested entrepreneurs, building their capabilities, developing small and medium-sized entrepreneurial projects, and enhancing their chances of success, to enable business owners to develop and sustain their projects and achieve their goals.



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