• Environmental Investment 2024 reviews financing channels for investors in the environmental sector


    ​Organized by the Asharqia Chamber under the slogan (Restoration and Sustainability)​

    Under the slogan (Restoration and Sustainability) and under the patronage of the Prince of the Eastern Province, His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, the Asharqia Chamber is organizing the Environmental Investment Forum 2024, with the aim of enabling the business sector to access diverse investment opportunities in the environmental field, and introducing them to financial support and financing programs. Provided by the state for environmental projects.

    The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Asharqia Chamber, Badr bin Sulaiman Al-Ruzaiza, said that the Kingdom has long-standing roots in taking into account environmental proposals and taking into account their standard considerations when implementing development projects and programs, and in directing its positive efforts towards environmental issues at home and abroad, and pointed out that the environmental sector comes within the goals of the Kingdom’s vision. 2030 AD, and that the forum comes in light of the Kingdom’s efforts to expand the base of environmental investments. It will witness broad participation by a large group of officials and specialists in the environmental sector, as well as those interested in economic affairs in general and environmental investment in particular. It will discuss a number of topics related to the challenges that face It confronts entrepreneurs who want to make environmental investments, and tries to reveal all the financial support and financing programs that the state provides for environmental projects.

    Al-Raziza pointed out that the Chamber has extended efforts to support and develop the business community and promote environmental investments, as they are among the basic resources in creating development and driving economic growth.
    Al-Ruzaiza stated that the forum carries the slogan (Restoration and Sustainability) and tries to shed light on four goals, the first of which is: highlighting the importance of the environment and preserving it, while the second goal focuses on the impact of regulations and legislation related to the environment on the business sector, and the third goal comes, according to Al-Raziza, to identify the various investment opportunities for the business sector in the field of the environment, while the latter reviews the financing channels available to investors in the environmental sector.

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