• Asharqia Chamber concludes the Human Resources Empowerment Program "Achieve Your Ambition and Create the Future"


    Asharqia Chamber concludes the Human Resources Empowerment Program "Achieve Your Ambition and Create the Future"

    Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Women's Empowerment Center, concluded yesterday, Tuesday, February 13, 2024, a human resources empowerment program titled "Achieve Your Ambition and Shape the Future." The program aimed to provide support and guidance to job seekers through a series of workshops and professional counseling sessions conducted by human resources specialists, in the presence of board member Agarid Bint Ihsan Abduljawad.


    During the program, which began on Sunday and lasted for three days, specialized workshops and consultations were provided in the field of human resources training. On the first day, Performance Management Analyst, Planning, and Personal and Professional Development Program Trainer, Sarah Bakir, presented a workshop on building personal identity.


    Human Resources and Administrative Affairs Consultant, Hadeel Bousbait, presented the second workshop, which focused on writing a professional resume. On the second day, Management and Self-Development Trainer, and Administrative Consultant, Sohair Ahmed Al-Ghamdi, presented a workshop titled "Personal Interview Skills."

    On the third day, HR Specialist at Aramco, Reem Al-Khudairy, presented a workshop titled "Your First Steps in the Job."


    Abduljawad commented: "Saudi women have received significant attention from our wise government over the past years, as it has opened up opportunities for them to play a greater role in the development process. Many legislations have been enacted to enhance their role in the labour market and strengthen their presence in the overall economic system. Today, women play an important and growing role in the business community." She added that women have joined the workforce to contribute to economic development, proving their high capacity for creativity and professional performance. It was necessary to support their presence in the labour market, build confidence in them, provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge, and prepare them to meet the aspirations of the business sector in the Eastern Region in line with the Kingdom's ambitious vision. This program targeted job seekers, including graduates and university students, as well as those looking for better job opportunities, by introducing them to the fundamentals of building personal identity, mechanisms for writing professional resumes, and the necessary skills for conducting personal interviews.




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