• Asharqia Chamber organizes a workshop reviewing employment contracts in Al-Khafji


    ​Asharqia Chamber organizes a workshop reviewing employment contracts in Al-Khafji​

    Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Women's Empowerment Center, organized on Tuesday evening, April 23, 2024, in its branch in Al-Khafji Governorate, a workshop entitled "Employment Contracts and How to Draft Them," presented by lawyer Noir Al-Subaie, in the presence of several interested people and business leaders in the governorate.

    During the workshop, Attorney Nuwar Al-Subaie discussed the definition of the name of contracts, the basics of contract drafting, the importance of writing a contract, and models and types of contracts, including the employment contract.

    During the workshop, Attorney Al-Subaie highlighted the importance of writing the contract because it preserves and documents the rights and obligations of the contracting parties, prevents any dispute between them, and controls the relationship between the two parties.

    Al-Subaie referred to the process of documenting any agreement that occurs, ensuring that the investor, trader, and entrepreneur preserves his right and clarifies the rights and duties owed to him and the other party, enabling the commercial process in a professional and legally sound manner and to avoid risks.

    In the workshop, Attorney Al-Subaie discussed the basics of drafting contracts, which are to clarify the identity of the contracting parties, determine the scope and subject of the work, determine the rights and obligations of the two parties, including payment provisions, determine the duration of the contract and conditions for its termination and renewal, and determine the effects of terminating the contract and methods of litigation and settlement during the course of the contract. Disputes, and to indicate the means of remedy, in the event of breach of contract, and cases of exemption from responsibility.​

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