• Asharqia Chamber launches the training initiative in Khafji 2024


    ​Targeting more than 115 trainees​

    Asharqia Chamber launches the training initiative in Khafji 2024​

    Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Training Center in partnership with Masa Al Bayt Environment Contracting Company, is launching the "Khafji Training Initiative 2024" at the Chamber's branch in Khafji Governorate from May 12, 2024, to May 29, 2024.

    The initiative comes from the Asharqia Chamber's belief in the importance of stimulating, developing, and training national cadres to keep pace with the national transformation through the Kingdom's Vision 2030. It aims to enhance positive contribution to its achievement through the Human Capability Development Program, which aims to enhance values, develop core skills, future skills, and knowledge in various fields, and achieve the Chamber's objectives by maximizing the impact of contributing to human capital support and maximizing the impact of training and qualification programs in the labor market for sustainable economic development.

    The initiative targets the training of more than 115 individuals, benefiting job seekers in Khafji Governorate, in three diverse training programs in the fields of customer service and public speaking skills, financial accounting for non-accountants, and excellence in professional work environments.

    The initiative also aims to enhance the role of youth, especially graduates, in achieving the targets of Vision 2030, maximizing social impact, equipping beneficiaries with skills and competencies enabling them to train and develop, raising the knowledge and skill levels of beneficiaries, and positively contributing to achieving impact in national and societal development.​

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