• Asharqia Chamber announces receiving applications to join its sectoral committees and branch councils


    ​Asharqia Chamber announces receiving applications to join its sectoral committees and branch councils

    In implementation of the decisions of the Ministry of Commerce after the issuance of the new regulations for the national and sectoral committees in the chambers of commerce, the Eastern Chamber begins receiving applications to join its sectoral committees and the councils of its branches, from today, Wednesday, the first of May, until the date of May 10, 2024 AD.

    The Asharqia Chamber adopted electronic submission in submitting membership applications, as it is the fastest in scheduling applicants and improving access to them with greater accuracy. It confirmed that the application will be approved immediately upon clicking on the confirmation icon, and announced that those wishing to become a member of sectoral committees and business councils can view the necessary conditions and steps from On the Chamber’s website, including registration in the commercial registry and participation in the Chamber, and that the institution be represented by its owner or manager, and the company is represented by its president, a member of its board of directors, the chairman of the board of directors, a member of the board, its director, or one of the executive officials, according to a letter from the establishment stating the name and ID number. The position must be certified by the Chamber, and the establishment must be active within the scope of the Chamber’s spatial jurisdiction for a period of not less than three years, and the commercial register and membership in the Chamber must be valid.

    The Chairman of Asharqia Chamber, Badr bin Sulaiman Al-Ruzaiza, said that the sectoral committees represent the backbone of the work of chambers of commerce, and one of the most important mechanisms for identifying the issues and aspirations of participants, and they play a prominent role in formulating the national economic decision and achieving the goals of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 and its aspirations related to the private sector, as they are entrusted with diagnosing issues. Its sectors, monitoring challenges and adopting visions of appropriate solutions, noting that the committees are active entities that include many business sector elites according to each sectoral committee separately, to express the interests of its base of pioneers of the sector to which it belongs, stressing the importance of its role in raising topics and issues and studying challenges. Which face the private sector in all its forms and provide appropriate solutions to them, hoping that this process and the subsequent elections will result in committees whose performance keeps pace with the developments taking place in the national economy, and that they will be up to the responsibility in presenting and identifying the challenges of the sectors and providing appropriate solutions to them.
    Al-Raziza expressed his optimism that the committees will complete their role in presenting recommendations and visions and the challenges of the sectors, as well as their cooperative role in raising the level of subscribers’ satisfaction with the services provided by the Chamber, stressing that the distinguished results achieved by the Chamber over the past years are only a result of what the committees, sub-councils and executive councils have provided. The proposals, ideas, and interaction it expressed with the policies and strategic objectives approved by the Board of Directors.​

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