• Asharqia Chamber achieves 99.8 percent in the criteria for evaluating the performance of Saudi Chambers of Commerce


    Asharqia Chamber achieves 99.8 percent in the criteria for evaluating the performance of Saudi Chambers of Commerce

    The Asharqia Chamber recently achieved a score of 99.8 percent in the chamber standards issued by the Federation of Saudi Chambers according to the standards approved by the Ministry of Commerce 2023.

    The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Asharqia Chamber, Badr bin Sulaiman Al-Ruzaiza, congratulated His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, Prince of the Eastern Province, for His Highness's great support for the Chamber's programs, which prepared it to achieve this achievement.
    He also congratulated His Royal Highness Prince Saud bin Bandar bin Abdulaziz on his Highness's interest in the Chamber's excellence, which made it continue its role in serving the business sector in the region. Al-Ruzaiza extended his thanks to His Excellency the Minister of Commerce, Dr. Majid bin Abdullah Al-Qasabi, for his efforts and his usual and continuous interest in improving the mechanism of Working for the chambers of commerce in the Kingdom.
    Al-Raziza said that in line with the rapid development in economic activity that keeps pace with the Kingdom's Vision 2030, the Asharqia Chamber sought to continue the continuous development of its performance in a way that aims to maximize the national economy, increase the rate of private sector participation and growth, and identify areas of improvement, indicating the importance of measuring the current approach and determining scopes of improvement. Through a comprehensive evaluation process according to the approved performance indicators, enabling it to perform its tasks in keeping pace with local and international economic developments and comprehensive national development programs and enhance its role in serving the business sector and social participation at the national level.

    Al-Raziza explained that the evaluation aims to contribute to developing the chamber's performance through continuous improvement of its tasks and creating financial sustainability that contributes to improving the investment environment and the business sector to enhance its contribution to economic development programs, pointing out that the evaluation criteria included organizational services, governance of the work environment, performance, strategic direction, and financial sustainability. Awareness and guidance.
    The Secretary-General of the Chamber, Abdul Rahman bin Abdullah Al-Wabel, stated that the Asharqia Chamber relies in its internal work on continuous self-evaluation of its performance, which helps it continue to develop its work. The evaluation includes the effectiveness of the services and programs provided by the Chamber to assist its subscribers in their work, such as consultations, training, and economic information, and its ability to express their interests to relevant authorities, and the extent of the Chamber's effectiveness in concluding partnerships with economic, legal and relevant authorities with the aim of improving the commercial and economic environment, and the Chamber's ability to develop its services and programs to keep pace with changes in the business environment, in addition to assessing the level of transparency and satisfaction. Subscribers about their performance and seek their opinions and suggestions for improving performance.​

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