• Al Habtoor: My passion forced me to turn down the job, and my beginnings were humble


    ​Al Habtoor: My passion forced me to turn down the job, and my beginnings were humble 

    On Wednesday, May 17, 2023, the Asharqia Chamber, represented by the Youth Business Council, organized the “My Experience” program, one of the council’s programs, which hosted the businessman Khalaf Al Habtoor via the Zoom platform.

    Al Habtoor stressed during the meeting, which was moderated by Council Chairman Saad bin Khaled Al-Mojil, that the Gulf countries have proven that they are more developed than the countries of the West, and this was evident during the global Corona crisis, as they were able to deal with the problem and get out of it with the least losses, through the support provided by the leaders of the Gulf countries. And everyone’s cooperation with the state, resulted in an improvement in the economic situation, indicating that the Gulf economy flourished after the crisis and recorded a significant increase until it became better than the period that preceded the Corona crisis.
    Al Habtoor advised young businessmen to work in the areas they love and excel in, and to improve and be careful in choosing human resources and high professional competencies, which will help them in the continuation and development of their business and trade, which is a real test for them because the competencies are somewhat scarce, and to mix in the councils of men with experience in Trade and economy. They are interested in forming relationships that serve them and reflect positively on them, and they must strive to learn more and develop themselves and their capabilities.
    On the idea of the merger, Al Habtoor said that it is a good idea, but it must be built on a sound foundation, and that the goal of the merger is to add to the two parties, and not just a merger of the merger idea.
    Regarding the interest in the diversity of activities for young entrepreneurs, he stressed that young people should build the main project and make sure that it has become strong and then proceed to various other projects. Contracting makes me feel that the economic situation is acceptable and that the market is refreshing and ready for many projects.
    Al Habtoor advised young businessmen to study any project thoroughly and comprehensively for all aspects before embarking on it, pointing to his experience in the projects of car rental offices and private schools, stressing that they are projects that generate large profits. It does not satisfy the entrepreneur to some extent, unlike contracting projects.
    Al Habtoor emphasized that an entrepreneur must be active and patient to achieve success in his working life, pointing to his experience at the start of his business, as he stressed that his passion forced him to leave his job and borrow money from his brothers to start his projects, and after several setbacks and failures, he began to make His path towards success was with a number of his colleagues who believed in his abilities and worked with him without financial compensation, until they all achieved success​
    Al Habtoor said: I worked with colleagues of mine who were dismissed from the company in which I was working, and we received a residential house project for one of the well-known families, and from behind the project we made a profit estimated at 5,000 dirhams, and after several works, I entered as a competitor with the company I was working for in a project to establish a cinema and after it was awarded The project on my company made profits estimated at more than 500 thousand dirhams, and after that, large projects followed, thanks to God Almighty and the support of the lead until we were able to develop the city of Dubai with various development projects.​

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