• "Saudi Connect" launched by the Asharqia Chamber and the Council of Energy Industries.


    ​With the presence of more than 150 companies in the energy field​

    "Saudi Connect" launched by the Asharqia Chamber and the Council of Energy Industries.

    On Tuesday, February 27, 2024, the Asharqia Chamber, in cooperation with the Energy Industries Council (the leading trade association in global energy supply chains), launched the "Saudi Connect" forum, in the presence of more than 150 companies from inside and outside the Kingdom, in the presence of the President of the Asharqia Chamber, Badr bin Sulaiman Al-Ruzaiza. and EIC Regional Director Ryan McPherson.

    The forum aimed to inform businessmen in the region and energy companies about the supply chains in the Kingdom and the opportunities available to them in this field, as well as the new projects that will be launched in the region, as well as providing a common platform for communication with investors and foreign companies that have headquarters in the Kingdom.

    Al-Raziza stated that the national economy is currently witnessing significant development in all fields, with projects being implemented and others in the pipeline, especially in the energy sector, which tops the priorities and targets of Vision 2030, aiming for Saudi Arabia to be a global leader in all forms of energy through the framework of the circular carbon economy, in line with the global shift towards environmental sustainability.


    He emphasized the importance of the forum as it brought together industry leaders, engineering contractors, procurement professionals, local developers in the energy sector in the Kingdom, and foreign companies interested in entering the Saudi market. He pointed out that the forum represented a new pivotal platform through which the chamber aimed to enhance communication with energy companies and decision-makers, stay updated on the latest developments in energy markets, and provide detailed information on all supply chain companies and investment opportunities available in all regions and provinces of the Kingdom. He said, "It is a new mechanism or path taken by the chamber in cooperation with the Council of Energy Industries, a leading global union of companies supplying goods and services to the energy industries, with a global network of over 800 companies operating worldwide, to explore opportunities, stimulate investment, and enhance its role in the national economy," confirming that it was an opportunity for knowledge exchange and communication with energy industry leaders and decision-makers.​


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