• water production and electricity generation in Ras Alkhair Station


    The total cost of the project exceeds 27 billion riyals
    water production and electricity generation in Ras Alkhair Station

     Engineer Abdullah Al-Husain Minister of water and electricity, Board Chairman of the saline water conversion Corporation, inaugurated today a draft start producing desalinated water pumping and electricity generation project at Ras al-Khair desalination plant for the first phase, in the presence of Dr. Abdul Rahman al-Ibrahim, Governor of the saline water conversion Corporation, and members of the Board of Directors.

    The architect Hossein told a press conference after the inauguration, the total cost of the project exceeds $ 27 billion, is the largest pump station established in the history of the electric card sweetener, with 2400 MW, 1 025 million cubic meters will feed ma'aden about 1350 MW, 1050 MW of electricity and 200 MW would be used in the station for a total of 2,600 MW, in terms of water, will be divided into three sections, 800,000 to Riyadh, 100,000 of the Interior such as tattoos and sycophantic sudair, walghat There is a pump via a new pipeline for the first time by 100,000 cubic meters, 100 thousand cubic walkoiaet and ldarma output, and there will be 100,000 cubic metres to the North East area cover a wide range including Hafr Batin walkisomh village, as it will change radically in quality and quantity in the regions.
    He said: the wheel projects don't stop, where we signed three contracts for every day work for water and electricity projects, there is a wealth of projects and our stations under construction, including the third phase and stemmed plant reaching production of 550,000 cubic metres, all nearby provinces, and our station will be distributed between rabigh Oujda card million cubic meters and Jeddah and nearby provinces, and to a project in East region provide a half million cubic meters will feed into Riyadh, Jubail plant alternative second stage and will double production of the eastern region .The Council of Ministers agreed to support the enterprise out of the budget, where the current budget included projects worth 16 billion riyals, the Board agreed to support projects which are being implemented by $ 33 billion, including stations and pipelines.
    The sister station did not report to date, in addition to the sister station of second phase by pumping approximately 220,000 cubic meters, our exporters of large water bodies are 'bridge village' which has produced 170 million cubic meters, equivalent to the production of sister station for five years, in addition to SDE atoud and Mardhah in Asir, can operate from surface sources of 150,000 cubic meters. And localization support for desalination projects, the Minister said that the Foundation is focused on the definition of many contractors in the basic needs of the spare parts, for the sustainability of the supply of the enterprise, the saudization across the enterprise has reached 86 per cent, these projects provide employment opportunities for young people.

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