• carful stability of the Europe and America shares on the impact of the crisis Ukraine


    "Russian" and "Japanese" recorded a decline after rising for days
    carful stability of the Europe and America shares on the impact of the crisis Ukraine


    European stocks stable in early trading on Monday to pick up her breath after a strong two-week rise. Compounding a cautious market awaited investors to address Janet moderate Chairman of the fed (US Central Bank). ' Euro forest index 300 ' of major European companies contributed 0.01 percent to 1355.20 points, according to Reuters. The index climbed 4.5 percent, since reaching a low level recorded two weeks before recovery from a decline began in June. And yesterday, investors awaited signs new date for US interest rates. Minutes of the meeting showed Federal Reserve in July published Monday that policymakers had discussed the issue of raising interest rates sooner than expected in light of the strong and sudden recovery of the labor market.
    And across Europe the financial times index of 100 ' British 0.05 percent at open while the drop indicator ' Kak 40 ' French wedaks German 0.1 per cent. In Russia the stock declined after the rise of the 10-day with the focus of investors on the tensions in Ukraine, after the Russian Foreign Ministry warned of obstructing aid convoy crossed the border after the adjournment lasted for days. Dip indicator dollar-denominated shares 1.4 percent to 1,257 points while the index lost 'em any CI x ' for the ruble-denominated shares 1.3 percent to 1,422 points. The ruble fell against the dollar and the euro after strong gains in the previous session. The Russian markets in the past few days have found support on hopes of a decline in the intensity of the conflict in the West to Ukraine imposed several sanctions on Moscow caused the exodus of capital and negatively impacted on the prospects for the Russian economy. The ruble slipped 0.32 percent against the US currency to 36.13 dollars while the rouble hostels 0.35 percent against the single European currency to 48.01 rubles for euros.

    The stock opened up America with stable sentry President of the Federal Reserve and absorbs the effects of the latest tensions between Ukraine and Russia. And the Dow Jones industrial average down 6.42 points or 0.04 percent to 17033.07 points and the s & p lost ' 500 ' broader 0.84 point or 0.04 percent to 1991.53 points while the NASDAQ Composite rose 2.32 points or 0.05 percent to 4534.43 points. Nikkei retreated to Japanese stocks after the rise for nine consecutive sessions, with investors selling to reap profits on the gains made in the recent strong US economic data, however limited the losses. And squandered the gains of the index at the beginning of the session to close down 0.3 percent to 15539.19 points. During the week the index rose 1.4 percent, up for the second week in a row. And the Topix broader index fell 0.4 percent to 1286.07 points and the b index ' JP x Nicki 400 ' for himself to end the trading at 11710.49 points. 

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