• UAE stocks bounce back supported by positive news for the banking sector


    "Egyptian" continues to offset losses
    UAE stocks bounce back supported by positive news for the banking sector

      UAE stock returned to rise in support of positive news to increase the share of foreigners in Dubai Islamic Bank to 25 percent instead of 15 percent, Egyptian stock continued to fret, up 0.7 per cent to continue recent losses and compensation exceeded the SDM is the highest in six years, Bahrain and Kuwait market rose slightly. In the UAE, with Dubai and Abu Dhabi bourses soared by 0.9 percent each, shares of Dubai Islamic Bank shares in most of the increase in the DFM with Ascension of 2.6 per cent. After the Bank said yesterday that regulators had agreed to raise the ceiling for foreign ownership in the company to 25 percent from 15 percent previously. Reuters ' data showed that investors outside the Gulf hold 10.1 percent stake in the Bank until Monday, while the possession of Gulf investors outside the U.A.E. State 4.8 per cent of the shares. The Abu Dhabi market index rose supported by the National Bank of Abu Dhabi arrow climbed 2.8 percent. And the Emirates stock exchange indicator is still far less than the highest levels earlier this month.

    Egypt stock exchange continued its ascent, the main index rose 0.7 percent, supported by two arrows, one investment company pioneers holding, which jumped 9.9 percent as the company prepared to announce its quarterly results between 16 and 23 April. Earlier this month the company announced that it had achieved an increase of 37 percent in net profit for last year. The second arrow TMG estate, which climbed 2.4 percent after having jumped 9.9 percent on Monday, when the company announced its first cash dividend in its history. Qatar exchange index rose 1.1 percent to 12,454 points, the highest close since June 2008, but without the highest levels during this month when 12466 points. Vodafone Qatar shares climbed 10 per cent — is the maximum daily move-in heavy trading registered a new high record level at 15.41 riayls. The company has appointed earlier this week as the new business and new technology of the UAE wemobilink Pakistan du.
    Masraf Al Rayan Shares, Qatar Islamic Bank in most of the increase in the index in their rise 1.9 and 4.7 per cent. After the closure of the stock exchange Qatar Islamic Bank announced that made a 15 per cent increase in net profit for the first quarter of the year, the Bank's profit in the quarter amounted to 335 million ($ 92 million), up slightly from the average forecast at 328 million. In the Kuwait market index rose 0.2 per cent at 7515.54 points, with significant activity in the banking sector, specifically the good trades, which was on the National Bank of Kuwait ' arrow ', which acquired 31.6 per cent of the total value of market trading, stock market trading values of trading reached 14.8 million, and sizes of 14.8 million shares through 120 transaction. And the market is expected to see a profit of price index to access support 7,383 points, as long as the pointer 7,505 points resistance level. In the Bahrain market index rose 0.3 percent, to close at 1380.03 points, surpassing the important resistance point, where the market is expected to see the occasional movement between two 1370 points to 1390 points to break through the level of 1390 points subject The high trading volumes and values for the index bullish trend complements and qualifies it to target new areas.

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