• UAE and Qatar stocks attract new liquidity positioned to continue to rise


    Recovery of most of the GCC markets during last week's trading
    UAE and Qatar stocks attract new liquidity positioned to continue to rise


    Optimism spreading in Gulf markets this week as the new gains after most bourses ended last week trading zone on the strong gains, especially in the UAE and Qatar, to penetrate the Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Doha an important resistance levels may qualify them for new gains this week, especially with the entry of new liquidity contributed to the real estate sector in the UAE and ' banks ' in Qatar.
    Gulf markets continued to fret over the past week, the DFM topped ridges at 7.18 percent, followed by Abu Dhabi, up 3.84 percent and Qatar to increase 2.83 percent, while the Bahrain market rose by 2.79 percent, and the Kuwaiti market achieved and MSM rises slightly by 0.3 percent and 0.2 percent. In the Dubai real estate sector led the market to rise strong banks, representing positive news about ' arabtec ' early last week a key driver for the market helped its new resistance levels penetration will have positive effects on the market during the coming period, what motivates new liquidity entering the market and particularly on real estate which is the main driver of the market. But the Dubai financial market announced the suspension of trading on arabtec awaiting clarification from the company on media reports published on lots of strategic partners, according to the instructions of the SCA, has limited the height of the market.
    And ' Bloomberg ' informed sources quoted as saying that the ' investment ' wells, the second largest shareholder in the company ' arabtec holding ', is in talks to buy a half share of the former Chief Executive of arabtec ', amounting to 28.9 per cent. In Abu Dhabi the market index could rise 3.8 percent, which could handle to break the 5000 points to close at 5033.18 points, and contributed to the real estate sector rises 6.5 percent through the rise of its share leadership Aldar by 6.6 per cent. The market expects the corporate disclosure of its financial results for the second quarter of the ascent, the correction is good in the market for building new centers to the new price levels of price and incentives in support of a return to price levels that landed them the markets remain unchanged.
    Experts and analysts said that the market managed to sustain the losses suffered in the last month, and it is clear that falling prices attracted new investments in Dubai and Abu Dhabi markets over the medium term, noting that high trading appetite still good, underscoring expectations that Ramadan will be active and not, as some believe the stagnation of transactions. They reported large declines in the markets over the last month encouraged many investors and investment managers to return to build new financial centers at the moment, especially after the market confirmed weeks of trades horizontal stability and recovery of land. In the Kuwait market price index rose slightly last week by 0.3 per cent, to 7097.04 points amid expectations of continued performance of the market until the price level index penetrates 7200 points or breaking even determines its direction level 7050.

    In the Doha market rose 2.8 percent to close at 13284.65 points specialists finds that confidence  return to conservative market are leading factors in the higher index in the past week, as good results for some companies and small and special official statement to confirm a Qatar World Cup return that confidence to the stock market in that period. In the Bahrain market index during the past week 2.8 percent with support from banking business which achieved increased by 3.11 per cent. And ended the week higher MSM limited amid declining liquidity. With the Muscat market general index up 0.2 percent to 7203.87 points.

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