• U.S. Secretary of Commerce is leading a delegation of 21 companies to Saudi Arabia


    Pritzker: Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Qatar among the top 50 markets for U.S. exports
     U.S. Secretary of Commerce is leading a delegation of 21 companies to Saudi Arabia


    Penny Pritzker announced , the U.S. Secretary of Commerce , the names of 21 companies will join them in the second commercial mission will visit three stations in the Middle East since the eighth until 14 March next .
    It will focus posts in the trade mission on export opportunities for American companies in the infrastructure sector , particularly on areas such as management and engineering projects (including construction , architecture and design) , and renewable energy ( solar energy , wind energy and waste-to- energy ) , the smart grid and energy efficiency, and environmental technologies (including water treatment and sanitation , and air pollution control , and waste management ) .The delegation will visit the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
    The minister Pritzker said in an official statement on her website of the Ministry of Commerce American yesterday : "As a primarily responsible for supporting the commercial activity the U.S. , it is the important parts of my job is to promote trade and investment , connecting U.S. companies with customers in various parts of the world ."Revealing that there is 95 per cent of customers in different parts of the world live outside the United States, stressing that: "That is why the promotion of exports is essential to our economic growth and positive in making our jobs."
    Adding: "the three countries that we will be visiting in the Arabian Gulf are among the top 50 markets for the export of American companies. Since the launch of National Export Initiative in 2010 exports rose by 111 per cent to the UAE, and 65 per cent in Saudi Arabia , and 57 per cent to Qatar .It is clear that the Gulf region is an important area of focus for completely by America and its companies. "
    This trade mission to the Middle East reveals the U.S. commitment to the establishment of sustainable economic partnership with the Gulf region.
    It is noteworthy to mention that the Secretary of Commerce has returned from its mission from the first commercial of Mexico , which provided the 17 U.S. companies with opportunities to establish relationships and promote their technologies and services sectors advanced in Mexico in manufacturing, information technology and communications , and information technology in the health sector , and medical devices.Also allowed the mission of the Secretary of the Pritzker focus on two of the priorities of the terms of her work as secretary of Commerce, which is helping U.S. companies to export goods and services, and encourage investment in the United States.The secretary will third mission to West Africa, where will visit Ghana and Nigeria from 18 to 23 May next. There are plans for other missions under preparation.
    A statement by U.S. Department of Commerce that it is among the companies that will accompany the secretary of state in the trade mission to the Middle East , a number of well-known companies such as General Electric and Skidmore and Dow Chemicals . There are also companies like AECOM Technology and AREVA Solar and C3 Energy , and First Solar , and Ghafari & Associates, Greeley and Hansen , and Aanovra , Michael Baker and Rapiscan Systems Inc. Zero waste to energy .
    A statement by the Ministry of Commerce, said that Saudi Arabia is the ninth largest trading partners with the United States, and is ranked No. 20 in terms of exports to the U.S. . In 2012 exceeded U.S. exports to Saudi Arabia 18 billion dollars, which is an increase of 31 per cent in 2011.
    It is noteworthy to say that the Saudi economy - the largest economy in the Middle East and North Africa - recorded growth rates in years active and strong.
    The statement pointed out that the U.S. trade relations - the UAE is experiencing a period of rapid expansion, at a time when the UAE to undertake significant investments in its infrastructure and transportation systems where. In 2012 the total U.S. exports to the UAE about 23 billion dollars.
    In addition, the pass -American trade relationship - the transformation of the country is enormous.United States recorded a trade surplus with Qatar amounted to $ 2.6 billion from January to August (January-August) of 2013. The total U.S. exports to Qatar 3.6 billion dollars as of August of 2013, which is a new record.
    It is worth mentioning that the U.S. Secretary of Commerce Pritzker , had described the relations of trade exchange between the Kingdom and the United States as a prosperous relations , and called on U.S. companies to invest in business opportunities available in the Saudi market .
    Pritzker said during the forum "Saudi Business Opportunities - American" , which was held mid- September of last year in Los Angeles , that the attention of the U.S. Commerce Department to exchange visits of trade missions and strengthening cooperation between the two sides in the commercial field .
    The minister commended the U.S. on the development of the Saudi economy and the interest of the Government of the Kingdom of the protection of intellectual property rights and facilitating business start-up procedures and services provided by the competent authorities of the investors in the economic fields.
    She talked about the efforts made by the Kingdom in the construction of infrastructure and take advantage of the technical data developed in the field of communications and information security , in this regard , expressing their eagerness to make a visit to the kingdom next year.


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