• Three obstacles threaten the trade agreement between Washington and Beijing


    White House adviser Killian Conway has confirmed that the United States and China are close to a trade deal, but three of the biggest sticking points remain.​

    ​According to "Reuters", she said in an interview with "Fox News": "already approaching .. we continue to negotiate. But the transfer of technology forced this, the theft of intellectual property rights, trade imbalance of half a trillion dollars annually with the second-largest economy in the world, -chin- This is not logical. "​

    Senior US and Chinese negotiators held talks over the phone and agreed to communicate on "outstanding issues" to reach the "first phase" of a trade agreement between the world's largest economists, Chinese state media reported.​

    The US president announced last month that the two sides had reached a tentative agreement, but without finalizing all its details.​

    According to the "French", the official China News Agency reported that the Chinese Deputy Prime Minister Liu Ho; spoke over the phone, with the Secretary of the Treasury Stephen Mnuchin; and US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer.

    She said that "the two sides discussed the issues regarding the solution to the main concerns of each party, and reached a consensus on resolving the relevant issues properly, and agreed to maintain communication on the remaining issues in the consultations on the (first stage agreement)."​

    Last Sunday, the Chinese government issued a directive to strengthen intellectual property protection and increase sanctions on violators, one of the thorny US demands in trade talks between the two countries.​

    It is noteworthy that Chinese President Xi Jinping; stressed last Friday that his country wants to reach a preliminary trade agreement with the United States, but "not afraid" confrontation if necessary, stressing that Beijing will implement economic reforms at the pace that suits them.

    Xi rarely touches so directly on the trade war in his remarks, two days after US President Donald Trump signaled that Beijing had not yet made enough concessions to allow a deal.​

    In an interview with "Fox News" America Finally, most likely US President Donald Trump; to reach a trade agreement with China "very soon, but added that China needs more to reach a solution."
    Trump added; "We have an agreement, is likely to be very soon. He wants to reach an agreement much more than I want it. I'm not keen to be concluded."​

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