• The parallel market loses 33 points with liquidity decline 64%


              ​The parallel market continued its decline for the second session to lose 1 percent, hitting a new low of 3407 points, while trading values ​​fell 64 per cent to 3.4 million riyals at a rate of 20,000 riyals per share while trading shares fell 69 percent to 142,000, With a recycling rate of 0.85 percent.
    As for the
    transactions, 42% fell to 171 transactions. Four stocks rose against the rest of the rest and the stability of the "Arabian Sea." Al Katheri roseup 1% to close at 19.47%, followed by Redan by 0.89% , And the third "food development" by 0.6 percent to close at 63.10 riyals, followed by "Abu MUti" by 1.9 percent to close at 11.63 riyals, and thirdly Alaseel 1.4% to close at 73 riyals. The highest bid was Baazeem with 1 million riyals, followed by Alaseel with 619 thousand riyals, and the third "Redan" with 601 thousand riyals.

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