• The parallel market is below 3000 points for the first time since its launch


    ​            The parallel market drop for the eighth consecutive session to hit the longest ever decline since the market began in February. The closing below 3,000 points for the first time to close the index at 2970 points lost 93 points, or 3 percent. The market has fallen about 41 percent since its opening at the base point of 5000 points.
    The retract in liquidity in the market with the restrict of entry criteria, as the difficulty of entry and exit from the market lose transactions liquidity advantage, making them attractive to short investments.
    Trading values ​​fell by 43 percent to 3.1 million riyals. The average transaction price was 17,000 riyals while the traded shares fell 34 percent to 67,000 shares, with a drop rate of 0.4 percent. Deals fell 30 percent to 179. Two shares retreated against two gains and the rest stabilized. Al-Kathiri rose 4.8 percent to SAR 16.99, followed by Abu Muti, which rose 0.18 percent to close at 11.20 riyals. Al Aseel dropped 4.3% at SAR60.29, followed by Bahr Al Arab by 0.08% to close at SAR12.38.

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