• The results of companies affect stocks in the first week after vacation


              Saudi stocks lost their first week after the holiday of Eid Al Fitr to 221 points by 3 percent, marking the first weekly retracting after Eid Al Fitr since 2008.
    The influential stocks such as Al Marai, Savola and SABB topped the list.
    The retracting are after the lower oil prices, in liquidity awaiting the results of companies for the second quarter, and the market before the holiday until the end of June for six months.The closing came at 7203 points, three points below the support level mentioned in the monthly report. The loss of this barrier will lead to a sharp decline to the 7100 points which constitute a support area that is important to maintain so that the market can recover its losses and return to the highest levels.

    Market performance
    The general index opened the week at 7425 points in two sessions and retreated in the rest. The highest point at 7586 was 2.2%, while the lowest point at 7199 lost 3% and ended the week at 7203 losing 221 points by 3%.
    Trading values ​​fell 41 percent to 15.4 billion at 43,000, while traded stocks fell 32 percent to 715,000 with a drop of 1.4 percent.

    Sector performance
    Eight sectors rose against the rest. "Media" rose by 21%, followed by "consumer services" by 2% and "real estate traded funds" by 1.8%. The decline was led by "food production" by 10 per cent, followed by health care by 5 per cent and by banks by 5 per cent.
    The highest turnover was "Banks" with a value of 4.4 billion riyals by 26 percent, followed by "basic materials" by 28 percent to 4.3 billion riyals, and "management and development of real estate" by 9 percent at 1.4 billion riyals.
    While the highest drop was the real estate sector with 18 percent, followed by the media with 9 percent and commercial and professional services by 9 percent.
    While the highest in the average value of one deal "banks" rate of 79 thousand riyals, followed by "basic materials" rate of 57 thousand riyals, and the third "management and development of real estate" rate of 54 thousand riyals.

    Stocks performance
    The market traded 174 stocks 25% to close at 37.28 riyals, followed by Printing and Packaging by 12% to close at 16.26 riyals, and thirdly, Al Ahli Takaful by 12% to close at 35.82 riyals.
    Al lmarai dropped 13 percent at SAR 83.79, followed by Savola by 13 per cent to SAR 43.99 and SABB by 9 per cent to SAR 24.36.
    SABIC was the top gaining 15 percent of SAR 2.3 billion, followed by Al Enma (13 percent) at SR 2 billion, and Al Rajhi (7 percent) at SR 1.1 billion.
    The highest was SABIC of 125 thousand riyals, followed by Al Rajhi rate of 124 thousand riyals, and third, Othaim" with 111 thousand riyals.

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