• The performance of the GCC markets


    The performance of the GCC markets



    With the end of the third quarter and completed the publication of results, we are here to hold a performance comparison between Gulf markets to identify and highlight the growth trends and variances. The largest Gulf markets of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and Kuwait and Abu Dhabi and Muscat and Dubai, and Bahrain, wealth in the markets by market capitalization approximately three trillion rials or about 800 billion dollars. There is no doubt that the Gulf markets are similar in a number of areas, especially economic freedom and low or no taxes, making them an attractive environment for investment, particularly between the Gulf States, where citizens can easily navigate between the markets for trading, market efficiency possible for this reason, through analysis, review of strengths. Variables used a number of indicators have been reviewed to Gulf markets, repeating the profit and return on book value of the rights owners and the return on assets and statistics about capitalization, revenues and profitability and the average share price in the market.

    Notably, the schedule, the top iterator in the Kuwaiti market, followed by the Saudi and Dubai, and less market in Bahrain and Muscat. Thus, we find that there is considerable variation in the iterators that can respond to the market capitalization and volume of profitability achieved and expectations of profitability. Markets such as Saudi Arabia and Kuwait might increase expectations of growth and continued growth in profitability compared with other markets. Multiple of book value is a variable result from dividing the market value to book value and interest to the investors so much that figure in terms of market readiness to pay more for each real invested company. Top markets here in Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Muscat and Bahrain and Kuwait and Dubai in terms of market pricing of investment by listed companies. In connection with ROA listed companies excluding banks understand why these numbers are high in three markets and other low except Bahrain.

    Returns the focus on return on equity and return on assets as a measure of the ability of markets to harvest and profit. Here in Qatar and Muscat and Abu Dhabi are as markets the highest returns for our shareholders and assets from Kuwait and Dubai as less market to this performance. Market cap and book value per share at the top of the market capitalization of Saudi markets and then Qatar, Kuwait and Bahrain and Dubai, value and integration of Dubai and Abu Dhabi will make them move beyond residual or improved rankings. The average stock value highest in Qatar and Saudi Arabia (note that the book value of the two countries at the top of the remaining version) and then converge consolidated second remaining except Bahrain in a different region.
    Revenues and profits and distributions top markets revenue and profit, followed by Abu Dhabi and Qatar as the profit revenue in Exchange for roles, and then Kuwait, Dubai, Muscat and Bahrain recently. But when you talk about the distribution of the value of the highest State rate in Abu Dhabi and Muscat and Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the remaining drops. Icing the disparity in performance between the Gulf markets with some attractive rates in some States and vary in other indicators, we cannot say the existence of a market that beats the rest and achieves better results than all. But the GCC as a whole if they formed a single market will have weight in the region and the implications of the best Gulf economy and investors in terms of profit and revenue yield.

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