• The parallel market stabilizes at 3439 points despite the high liquidity 58%


                 The parallel market " NOMW" stabilized at 3439 points from the previous session, despite the rise in trading values ​​58 percent by about 549 thousand riyals to 1.5 million riyals, at a rate of 21 thousand riyals per transaction, traded shares rose 14 percent by 4.3 thousand shares to 34 thousand shares with a drop rate of 0.2 percent. Transactions dropped 27 percent to 69 deals. Four stocks rose against Abu Muti by 0.56 percent Al Qathairi rose 4.6 percent to close at 19.38 riyals, followed by Al Samaani by 1 percent to close at 59.60 riyals. The highest drop was Al Aseel  for 1.1 million riyals, followed by Redan by 183 thousand riyals, and third "Al katheri" by 138 thousand riyals.

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