• The parallel market is up 3% with the best performance in a month


    The parallel market " NOMW" returned after two sessions of retreat, ending yesterday session with gains of about 104 points, about 3%, the best performance in almost a month to reach the levels of 3628 points. Trading values ​​dropped 7 percent to 13 million riyals, at a rate of 16,000 riyals per transaction. While traded shares fell 23 per cent to 490 thousand shares, a fall rate of 3 percent, while transactions dropped 3 percent to 796 transactions, Al Ahdaba rose up 11 percent to close at 26.10 riyals, followed by Bahr Al Arab by 3.8 cent to SAR 12.59 and Food Development by 2.54 percent to SAR 69.80. On the other hand, Redan was the top loser by 1.56 percent to close at 22.11 riyals, followed by Al Samaani by 0.66 percent to closed at 65.09 riyals. Al Kathiri was the third loser by 0.41 percent to close at 22.01 riyals. The highest drop was Al Kathiri with 3.7 million riyals, followed by Thobe Al Aseel with 3.6 million riyals and Redan with 1.6 million riyals.

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