• The parallel market is down 1%, and trading values are approaching 2 million riyals


    ​The parallel market "Nomu" fell for a second straight session to close at 3122 points, 33 points down 1 percent. Trading values rose 148 percent by 1.1 million riyals to reach 1.9 million Riyals, at a rate of 11 thousand riyals per transaction. While traded shares rose 255 percent by 76 thousand shares to reach 105 thousand shares, with a turnover rate of 0.63 percent. Transactions rose 65 percent to reach 170. Shares of "Baazeem" alone rose 2.4 percent to close at 25.60 riyals, while the rest were in decline. "Raydan" stabilized by 7.3 percent to close at SAR 64.90, followed by "AlSamaani" by 3.13 percent to close at SAR 62, and then "Arab Sea" by 3 percent to close at SAR 11.78. The highest bid were "Abo Moati" that worths 383 thousand riyals, followed by "Arab Sea" that worths 358 thousand riyals, and then "Thob Alaseel" that worths 326 thousand riyals.​

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