• The parallel market "Nomu" declined by 1.3 percent



    The parallel market "Nomu" declined by 1.3% to close at 3058 points, losing 38 points. Trading values rose 275 percent to 1.7 million riyals to reach 2.3 million riyals at a rate of 11 thousand riyals per transaction. Traded shares rose 454 percent (121,000 shares) to reach 148,000 shares, with a turnover of 0.89 percent. On the other hand, transaction increased by 51 transactions, 32 percent, to reach 212 transactions.

    "Development Works Food Co." alone rose 3.4% to close at 66.72 riyals, compared to the decline of the rest and the stability of two shares.

    The decline was led by "Al-Kathiri" by 3.6 percent to reach SAR 21.20, followed by "Arab Sea" by 2.6 percent to reach SAR 12.16, and "Abo Moati" by 2.5 percent to reach SAR 11.90.

    The highest turnover was "Raydan" worth 1.6 million riyals, followed by "Abo Moati" worth 361 thousand riyals, and "Alkathiri" worth 155 thousand riyals.​

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