• The contract for a new bridge between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain will be awarded next month


    Permanent Representative of the World Bank with the Secretariat of the cooperation

    The contract for a new bridge between Saudi Arabia and Bahrain will be awarded next month


    Ramez Assar, the representative of the World Bank's permanent secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council Anticipated, contract awarded to study building a new bridge linking Saudi Arabia and Bahrain of the Gulf rail project next month. He said 'it is a strategic project within the network', stressing that a railway network linking the six GCC countries will start late next year, while the body is being formed to oversee the project, which cost $ 15.5 billion. And the joint project of the Sultanate of Oman in the South and in the North of Kuwait, cutting both the UAE and Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia

    Technical problems and bureaucratic prevent the progress in the project yet the implementation of the line will have a significant impact on the economy of the Gulf, where it will stimulate trade and reduced fuel consumption for wild trips. Assar said at a conference organized by mid of the detailed design and engineering will be completed late this year or early next year and begin construction. He is forming a body to oversee the project after approval by the Ministers of transport and Finance of the participating countries. He said 'we have made some important progress and we aim to run the entire network in 2018.' he said that the six countries will supply lines in its territory, and that construction began in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates already and soon in other countries. Oman has begun to prepare a preliminary design for the project.

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