• The Strong union between the buying and selling keeps the Saudi stock gains


    Index rises 0.66% this week, with 25.7 billion riyals liquidity

    The Strong union between the buying and selling keeps the Saudi stock gains


    Saudi index managed in this week trading to make a slight rise, which came slightly compared to the previous week, rising by about 0.66 percent against 2.7 percent in the previous week. And appear puzzling on market behavior, as part of its gains as well as offset part of the losses reflected a strong convergence between the buying and selling in the market, having reached its highest levels in five years. The market fell so sharply from current levels over the past three months, making the current levels of concern among some traders, driven by the preference and increase selling pressure.
    But the current period is different from its predecessor, as companies announced financial results that exceeded expectations by achieving the highest quarter earnings in the history of the market, what motivates investors to pump in more liquidity and this is reflected by the concentration in leadership and the absence of speculation in the market, with record high recycling rates companies as in the past or obsess on liquidity, so come and hunt for opportunities such as the annual results and dividends.

    And that uncertainty and weak growth of liquidity may have negative repercussions in the short term to retreat temporarily, which will have high liquidity, prompting the market to higher levels while returning to the market. And ' we ' went to SR 110 levels forecast in a report last week, the highest in two years, the stock might find difficult to overcome, and that was reflected in the General index and the other leading ' Al-Rajhi arrow ' failed bypass affirmative track that he began three months ago, scored 81.25 real time, and now is trading below where SR 75.

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