• The Economic City Port completes the linking of the X-ray with the customs inspection systems.


                King Abdullah Port in King Abdullah Economic City in Rabigh completed the project of building and equipping a central operation room to connect and monitor the X-ray inspection systems inside the port, in addition to covering all customs inspection yards with a wireless network based on the latest international technologies. Central and activating the container screening initiative within 24 hours.
    Eng. Abdullah Humaiduddin, Managing Director of Port Development Company, said that this achievement comes within the efforts of King Abdullah Port to support the initiative of the General Customs Authority and enhance customs operations at the port. The port is a unique example of the important role expected from the private sector to contribute to realizing the vision of the Kingdom 2030, It also supports the port efforts to enhance its role in supporting the development and growth process in the Kingdom in cooperation with government institutions and bodies, including customs, in order to revitalize the commercial sector by enhancing coordination and raising the level of efficiency by the regulatory body for the Economic Cities.
    The project was completed in record time in two phases. In the first stage, all the customs inspection areas were covered by a 1.75 Gb wireless network through a technology used for the first time in the Kingdom. The customs officer was able to inspect the container through the Tablet PC , And then send all notes to the customs system directly without having to leave the site and return to the office and enter information manually in the traditional way.
    He pointed that in the second phase of the project, the Central Operating Room was built on the basis of a very advanced infrastructure. The inspection equipment deployed in the King Abdullah Port yards was connected to the Central Operations Room using fiber optic network. "antenna fiber" high-speed up to 2 Gbps.
    The Customs Department has confirmed earlier that the success in clearing the containers within 24 hours of arrival depends primarily on the establishment of the import statement in advance before the arrival of containers, so that customs and government agencies related to the customs clearance of the completion of procedures while the presence of containers on ships, And that the containers are transported on arrival directly from the vessel to the X-ray examination system and then the final clearance.
    The King Abdullah Port, which is 15 square kilometers, is the first port in the region to be owned, developed and managed by the private sector. It is owned by the Port Development Company and is characterized by its strategic geographical location and integrated services using state the technology and the use of local and international experts. port within the world's largest shipping lines.
    The development plan of the port is proceeding at a steady pace and a clear vision to become one of the world leading major ports as one of the most important international maritime trade routes. It is close to a number of major cities and directly connected to a wide variety of transport networks. It is expected to contribute significantly to strengthening the regional and international roles of the Kingdom. in the field of trade, logistics and shipping.
    Upon completion, the port will be able to handle 20 million TEUs, along with 1.5 million vehicles and 15 million tons of bulk cargo each year, with its facilities and facilities, and the world deepest berths at 18 meters, and the integrated electronic port management system, which enables it to receive the new giant shipping of various categories and to meet the growing demand for shipping services in the Kingdom and the region.

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