• Switzerland 60 billion dollars net returns for foreign investments


    It was 26 billion and achieved a big rise during the year
    Switzerland: 60 billion dollars net returns for foreign investments

    Switzerland last year achieved a net surplus in the balance of payments reached 21 billion francs after the surplus rose to 78 billion francs from 57 billion in 2012 (to 88.2 billion from 64.4 billion dollars) owing mainly to rising again on capital income. The Swiss National Bank said in a statement today that the positive balance of the net proceeds of the capital rose from 23 million to 53 million francs (26 to 60 billion dollars) in one year. The Bank attributed the substantial increase in returns of capital, more than doubled to high dividends and bonds from Swiss investments abroad, direct the revenue returned to normal in 2012, after an exceptionally low level in the previous year, revealed the Bank tables.
    It said that total income for Swiss capital invested abroad rose from 16 billion francs in 2012 to 124 billion francs last year (from $ 19 billion to 140 billion dollars), adding that direct investment played a decisive role in the breakthrough was sold 16 billion francs to 76 billion francs ($ 19 billion to $ 86 billion). The Bank noted that most Swiss investment profits came from the service sector (banks, insurance, reinsurance, mail, financial advisors, etc.).

    In the area of spending, income, foreign direct investment in Switzerland in the amount of six billion francs ($ 6.8 billion) to 35 billion francs ($ 39 billion). And decreased income from other investments within the 2 billion francs ($ 2.2 billion), for a total of 13 billion Swiss francs ($ 15.4 billion). Regarding the final outcome of the results of the Swiss trade balance with all countries of the world, the balance of exports and imports is positive record stood at 24 billion francs (12 billion dollars), a figure that almost matches the amount realized in 2012. The report figures reveal that the financial revenues derived from exports and imports rose slightly last year from 2012.

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