• Swiss funds at risk in 2014


    Swiss funds at risk in 2014


    It seems that the New Year 2014 will bring a lot of new rules and regulations financial and economic in Switzerland, some of which will have a direct impact on the Governor of the Swiss money that will give many new rights and duties. The first Swiss receives invoices immediately after the new year holiday will speak for themselves, the mandatory health insurance premium Swiss in all provinces will rise by between 1 and 2.4 per cent average rate, payable monthly installments for the health insurance of 400 francs (US $ 444), the overall average insurance premiums would have to pay monthly installments of insurance between 404 francs to 415.2 francs in 2014 than was paid in 2013, 48, 182.4 francs (53.3 And $ 202.6) higher per year.
    There will also increase by 4 per cent on average health insurance premiums for supplementary insurance, no insurance, which has a wide range of treatments and leisure conditions. Starting in 2014, the owners of wealth to pay funds to accelerate debt reduction of unemployment insurance fund amounting to 4.4 billion francs (4.9 billion dollars), paid over 315 thousand francs (350,000 dollars) a year will pay 1 per cent more than it is currently paying monthly premiums to the unemployment fund, and sliced salaries between 126 and 316 thousand Swiss francs a year (140 and 350,000 dollars) will pay a 0.75 percent more than they paid in 2013 for the unemployment fund. This is the fifth time since the end of the 1990s that Swiss Government required high wage earners to contribute to reducing the debt of the Fund of unemployed who have not benefited from it maybe all their lives, and the Government hopes to collect this tax from $ 100 million a year to reduce the debt Fund.
    And this tax will be abolished only when the additional fund will be able to convert red green budget numbers, also after the Fund had a surplus of 500 million francs, but reaching this goal does not mean the 1 per cent tax rate on the wealthy only will impose other taxes for unemployment insurance fund. As crooks and shirkers, will their combing with very fine comb starting from next year, amending laws and regulations in a way that increased and sometimes doubled, from fines imposed on people who did not submit valid data or accurate tax Foundation with the purpose of reducing their share of tax. Although this will not survive the righteous who pay their taxes with honor and honesty in the next year of a fine if it were to pay on time and those who would be brought to retire in 2014, would receive a return of MPF who contributed to it throughout their careers by 6.8 per cent and 10 per cent by employers.
    But in 2014 holds a small gift to the workers, the origins of the second pillar insurance (i.e. insurance referral does not mean retirement pension), it would be a little better for retirees, it will increase the minimum interest rate of 1.5 to 1.75 per cent and, moreover, there is a popular initiative would be put to the vote in February next to raise pension by 10 percent. On the roads, motorists purchasing new annual card for using the country's highways and paste it into the bottom left corner of the windshield of the car, fortunately keep tax rate using rapid traffic arteries fixed next year worth 40 francs ($ 44), thanks to Swiss voters rejected on 24 November last year the Government's initiative to increase the tax rate using highways 40 to 100 francs (111 dollars).
    Starting from the first of January next the driver driving cars will have to light the main front of the car in running condition in the daytime as at night, otherwise it would be overdue fine of 40 francs ($ 44). And change the situation around the terms of bankruptcy of companies sued for debt payment, liquidation of companies defaulting or city will move more easily and faster administrative procedures more effective, according to the new provisions will be applied beginning next year, companies employing more than 250 people, obliged to put aside cash reserve will not be able to use it except in cases of special hardship.
    Farmers will have to get used to a new system of using government subsidies by the World Trade Organization for Switzerland, $ 2.8 billion Swiss francs, which allowed the Organization to Switzerland provided as direct payments to farmers will be three annual installments instead of two, beginning next year, will depend on government payments to farmers for their animals, but on the size of land under cultivation.
    And nicotine addicts incurred starting in 2014, an amount above when you buy a pack of cigarettes and coffee he will deepen their hands in their pockets to pay for the caffeine they eat, train, visitors also will pay higher amounts when the acquisition card, the last three have got addicted to tax annual increase steadily since 1988. It is recalled that in Switzerland, and in the country generally, European tax ' VAT ' which ranged between 2.5 and 6 percent of all consumer spending, from drinking a cup of coffee to buy a yacht and all other necessities of life, without forgetting the tax that the corporation tax, the tax bill payment through telephone calls.

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