• Stocks jump 83 points ... and the index is at 8892


    The main Saudi stock index rose yesterday, by 83.58 points, to close at 8892.92 points, with trades amounting to 13 billion riyals. The number of shares traded reached more than 310 million shares, shared by more than 475,000 transactions, in which shares of 130 companies recorded an increase in their value, while shares of 56 companies closed lower.

    The shares of Al-Jouf, Anaam Holding, Abu Moati, Saudi Ceramics, and Tabuk Agricultural companies were the highest, while the shares of Aseej, Al-Qassim Cement, Al-Hokair, Al-Saudi Al-Franci, and Baadhim companies were the lowest in trading, as the rise and fall rates ranged between 9.92% and 8. 30%.

    While the shares of Al-Development companies, Abu Moati, Tabuk Agricultural, Kayan Saudi Arabia, and Jaco were the most active in terms of quantity, the shares of Eastern Development Companies, Refineries, Abu Moati, Al Rajhi, and Wafra were the most active in value. 
    The parallel Saudi stock index "Nomu" also closed yesterday, down 230.30 points, to close at 25359.53 points, with trades amounting to 28 million riyals. The number of shares traded reached 230,000 shares, shared by 882 deals​​.

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