• Stock index decline to the third session respectively


    Stock index declined to the third session respectively
    Saudi market daily report

    A view on Saudi Stock Transactions
    General index of the Saudi market declined by the end of trading session yesterday, loss of 45 points, a decline of 0.67 per cent to concede that the level of 6800 points, which succeeded in cohesion it in the declines yesterday, the index continues it retreats for the third straight session with a decline of 67 points, falling earnings to 637 points since the start of the year a rise of 10.4 per cent.
    The Index opened his dealings yesterday on the green above the level of 6800 points and kept its gains above this level, touching the point 6831 is his highest during the session, just before the middle of transactions, but index quickly declined from those levels and entered in a wave of retreats breaking a level of 6800 points continued to fall yesterday even to the point such as 6745, the lowest closing it during the session, before it cut its losses and closed at the point 6759.

    Trading value continued rising to record 3.6 billion riyals yesterday, is higher by about 5.9 per cent from the values of trading yesterday, which amounted to 3.4 billion riyals, and the amounts of which were traded yesterday with 126.6 million shares through the implementation of 80.1 thousand transactions.
    As for the sectors performance which rose in only three sectors, whereas the rest decreased, media sector raised up to1.08 per cent gaining 19.55 points, followed by the agriculture sector was up 0.64 per cent, gaining 36.53 points, while the real estate sector rose 0.04 percent, gaining 1.3 points.
    On the other hand, energy sector headed the decliners by 5.69 per cent lost 261.85 points, followed by the petrochemical sector was down 1.54 percent, losing 93.9 points, while the insurance sector was down 0.72 per cent lost 8.06 points.
    As for the sector shares from the trading values which was headed by the petrochemical sector of the market yesterday with a 32.58 per cent of 1.2 billion riyals from a total of 3.6 billion riyals achieved by the market yesterday, followed by insurance sector accounted for 21.87 per cent of the total values traded worth 786.6 million riyals, while the banking sector has accounted for 12.05 per cent followed by the agriculture sector accounted for 6.52 per cent, while the other sectors of the market accounted for 26.98 per cent of the total value traded yesterday.

    Regarding the company's performance, 29 shares rose yesterday, while 87 stocks declined, and 22 shares settled at the closures yesterday.
    Among the declining companies ,Saudi Electricity came first with a decline of 6.40 per cent losing 80 halalas, and SAFCO, which fell by 4.92 per cent losing 7 riyals and stand at 135.25 riyals, Followed by SAYCO, which fell by 3.12 per cent lost 1.75 riyals to stand at 54.25 riyals.

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