• Saudi stocks settle at 8,659 points ... and liquidity rises to 11.9 billion riyals


    ​Saudi stocks stabilized at 8659 points, losing less than one point, while the MT30 index, which measures the performance of the leading stocks, fell by less than one point to close at 1154 points, so the market continues in its neutral path, and the market still did not make up for what it lost in the Sunday session. Before the past, the weak performance of the bullish market and its tendency towards stability appeared before the end of the year and the appearance of the financial results of companies. The basic factors have not changed, so they do not attract more liquidity to the market. Speculation remains dominant in pushing several small and medium companies to rise. The poor performance of the market motivates dealers to sell to reap profits, given that the risk appetite is affected by the movement of the market, as the successive rise stimulates speculation as a result of improving expectations of achieving capital gains, but the weak performance increases dealers' concern that the market is unable to achieve more gains for their investment portfolios.​

    Overall market performance
    The general index opened at 8,651 points, trading between high and low. The highest point was at 8,699 points, 0.45 percent, while the lowest point was at 8,649 points, losing 0.13 percent. At the end of the session, it closed at 8,659 points, losing less than one point. Liquidity rose 9 percent by about one billion riyals to reach 11.9 billion riyals, while traded shares increased 10 percent by about 31 million shares to reach 347 million shares, and deals rose 6 percent by about 23 thousand deals to reach 450 thousand deals.

    Sectors performance Five sectors retreated against the rise of the rest. The decline was led by "public utilities" by 0.8 percent, followed by "banks" by 0.57 percent, and by "pharmaceutical" by 0.24 percent. While the rise was led by “retail luxury goods” by 1.34 percent, followed by “applications and technology services” by 0.83 percent, and by “long-term goods” by 0.65 percent. The highest turnover was "basic materials" by about 26 percent, followed by "energy" by about 12 percent, at a value of 1.4 billion riyals, and "capital goods" by about 10 percent, with a value of 1.2 billion riyals.

    Stock performance The rising shares were led by "Halawani Brothers" with the maximum percentage to close at 74.80 riyals, followed by "ACIG" by 9.9 percent to close at 61.10 riyals, and by "Saco" by 6.9 percent to close at 55.50 riyals. On the other hand, the decline was led by "electrical industries" by 3.4 percent to close at 27.30 riyals, followed by "Al-Samaani" by 2.6 percent to close at 232 riyals, and by "Riyadh" by about 2.2 percent, to close at 20.10 riyals. The highest turnover was "refineries" with a value of 1.2 billion riyals, followed by "Chemanol" with a value of 546 million riyals, and "Al-Fukharia" with a value of 492 million riyals.​​

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