• Saudi stocks are promised with 3 incentives that will promote the liquidity and attract investments


              The market is promised with three catalysts that will promote liquidity and attract foreign investment in the coming days, analysts said.
    They added that the incentives include the market entry into the emerging market index on September 29, third-quarter results expected to be better than the second quarter, and higher oil prices.
    They pointed that global markets, including the Saudi stock market, have been affected over the past few days by the geopolitical tensions between North Korea and America, as well as local factors related to Saudi stocks, including the summer vacation.
    Hussain Al Sarkeeb, a stock analyst, said that weak liquidity during the past few days was the reason for the holiday, especially since it was weak even before the holiday. He predicted that the performance of the market will improve with the incentives led by the emerging market share of the emerging markets Index, which will inject liquidity into the market and attract foreign investment, in addition to the rise in oil, in addition to the results of the third quarter which is expected to be better than the second quarter, Cement and petrochemicals.
    For his part, Anas Al Rajhi, a financial analyst, attributed the weak performance of the stock market during the past few days to the geopolitical turmoil between North Korea and America, as well as the impact of leave on vital sectors.
    Anas said that the market needs high liquidity to improve performance to between 4 - 5 billion riyals, pointing out that the optimism index rises when there is positive news, and the Saudi stock market is waiting for this news, which leads to join the emerging market index, which will support the market and improves liquidity, in addition to the third quarter results that are expected in the market.
    Mazen Sundos, a stock analyst, predicted that the market's emerging market share will positively affect the Saudi stock market and will bring about a qualitative leap in the market and attract foreign investment from abroad.
    He pointed out that the index has been weak during the past period, due to vacation and the tention between North Korea and the United States of America, but the market will resume with the incentives expected.

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