• Saudi shares earning 140 points


    ​Liquidity jump 40 % to 8 billion

     Saudi shares earning 140 points beyond the barrier of 8000

    Saudi shares continued to rise for the second straight session with the growth in turnover which reached nearly 8.1 billion acquired the first hour of trading on about a third of the liquidity of 2.5 billion riyals. The rush of customers to purchase in the early hours to capture opportunities for lower price under performance indicator during the last period supported by the easing of political tensions in the region and the approaching Declaration of financial results for the third quarter. Technical index seeks to reach 8346 point barrier but will face resistance when 8077 points while support pointer when the previous point 7864 proceeded by 8000 point.
    The overall performance of the market
    The index opened at 7902 point and did not achieve any losses to rise about 8035 points, with 1.8 percent gains and could maintain those gains to close at 8036 points, up to 140 points, or 1.78 percent. Liquidity rose 40 percent to $ 2.2 billion till 8.1 billion riyals, the average value per transaction 58 000. Shares traded rose by 33 percent to 326 million, the rotation rate of the free shares 1.7 per cent, and increased transactions 23 percent to 139,000.
    Performance of sectors closed down all sectors on the rise by the agriculture sector by 2.7 percent, followed by hotels and tourism sector by 2.6 per cent and third sector multiple of 2.5 per cent, and media and publishing sector was the least with a rise of 1.1 per cent. The top domination liquidity was the insurance sector trades amounted to 1.7 billion, followed by petrochemicals 1.1 billion and the third real estate development sector worth billion riyals.

    The performance of the stock market trading 157 shares rose from 146 shares versus declines of five shares, while six shares stabilized when continued. Higher exports shares ' Alujain ' for high closing at $ 17.90, followed by ' AXA cooperative ' by 8.3 per cent, to close at $ 39.20, and ' Tokyo development share' by 7.3 percent, to close at 66.50, while the top declining shares ' hotels ' by 6.8 per cent, to close at $ 35.90, followed by ' mid Gulf ' by 2.8 per cent to close at $ 27.70 and ' paper share ' by 1.6 per cent, to close at $ 37.30. Top volume leader was ' takaful island' worth 719 million, followed by ' hotels share ' worth 473 million, and ' SABIC share ' worth 453 million.

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