• Saudi shares closed at its highest level since 5 years


    Positive performance achieved despite the stability of liquidity
    Saudi shares closed at its highest level since 5 years


    Saudi shares profits increased for the third consecutive week since the beginning of the year, up about 1 percent, closed at its highest level since September 2008. Despite the positive performance achieved stable liquidity, high 43 per cent of the stock, down 80, stable ten shares. This is an indication that some customers do prefer buying at current levels, this liquidity, stability and low advancers compared to last week. Al Rajhi Bank announced ' ' financial results, and showed a decline in annual profits by 6 per cent, and has performed well below average expectations, making the largest market shares weight factor threatening the viability of continuing to rise. And what did show strong results in other leading shares, particularly ' SABIC ' specialized expected to grow 3.6 percent, hitting its profits to 25.6 billion, the market is exposed to the wave of profits in the short term. The index will face strong resistance at 8,800 points, support, at levels ranging from 8,785 and 8,600 points.
    The overall performance of the market index opened last week when 9705 points, and rose in three meetings against the lower two. The volatility was 1.6 percent, the lowest point in a week when 8637 points, down 0.46 percent, while the highest point when 8779 points, with gains amounting to 1.18 per cent. The index managed to keep most gains this week, closed at 1678 points, winning 83 points, up 0.96 percent. Trading value dropped 0.1 percent to 32.6 billion riyals, the average value per transaction 35.8 thousand riyals. Shares traded 0.3 per cent, reaching 1.1 billion shares trader, recycling rate of 5.9 per cent free float, and deals 10% to 565, 000 deals.


    Performance of sectors raised nine sectors for lower six. High exports sector ' media ', by 6.2 per cent, followed by the retail sector, up 3.8 per cent, the third sector, by 3.5 per cent. Retreating issues ' hotels and tourism sector, 2.7 percent, followed by industrial investment by 1.7 percent, the third real estate development sector, up 1.37 percent. And was the petrochemical sector, worth 6.7 billion, 21 percent, followed by the banking sector, worth 4.9 billion, 15 percent, and third sector insurance, worth 4.5 billion, 14 percent. Either the most circular free stock is the insurance sector, 19 per cent, followed by the telecommunications sector, by 12 per cent, the third construction, 11 percent. And the most in value per trade, the banking sector, worth 114, followed by the telecommunications sector, the value of 91, 000, third petrochemical sector, worth 89 000.


    The performance of the stock has been trading in the market, 159 rose from 69 were unchanged, and 80 fell, and 10 stocks closed unchanged rates. Higher exports shares ' Alahliah ', by 20 percent, closed at 54.75, followed by ' Tihama ', by 15 percent, closed at 127 Srl, solution III share ' Khaleej training ', by 13 percent, closed at 51.5. And most drop arrow ' Cisco ', by 7 percent, closed at $ 16.25, followed by arrow ' Wafa ', by 6 percent, closed at 70 rials, and III share ' cooperative ', by 5.8%, closed at 32.3. While most monopoly liquidity, it shares the ' development ', by 8.8 percent, with trading of 2.8 billion, followed by arrow ' SABIC ', 8.6 per cent, worth 2.8 billion riyals, and III share ' Puan, 4.7 percent, to $ 1.5 billion in trades.
    Either the most circular free stock, issued shares ' Arab ', by 232 percent, followed by the shares ' Yuan ', by 176%, solution III share ' Seiko ', by 136 per cent. The largest rate of value per trade, in the shares ' apt ', the value 255, followed by arrow ' Samba ', 175, and III share ' contacts ', worth 160 000.

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