• Saudi market is waiting for 4 offerings and acquisitions soon


    "Hermes" process 20 tracks and acquisitions in the region 
    Saudi market is waiting for 4 offerings and acquisitions soon


    The Saudi market waiting for four proposals, mergers and acquisitions will be completed soon. He said for the ' economic ' financial group official bank, the Group runs 20 processes in the region, four of them in Saudi Arabia.


     Ahmed Aljondi said, Director of investment banking at financial group ' Hermes ': the Saudi market is a key player in the new offerings in the region, the largest and most active region in the arguments. He stressed that this activity in the Kingdom would remain steady, thanks to the successful transfer of family businesses and entry to the stock exchange, or restructuring of these companies, in addition to the conditions in Saudi Arabia facilitated in this regard and also the massive turnout of the people on this IPO. He added that the Saudi market promising special propositions, thanks to the large number of medium-sized companies with strong performance; what gives opportunities for expansion of the private market propositions. He continued, the Kingdom is very active in the entry of strategic investors, this trend is expected to continue in the presence of groups in Saudi Arabia cannot find forms partnerships with strategic investors, but added that the IPO in preference to partnering with another investor.

    Aljondi said: "The Hermes" is currently working in the Saudi market in private propositions that is they manage own family businesses in order to convert them to join and contribute to the Saudi bourse, or restructuring.
    He stressed that the IPOs or mergers and acquisitions , which are managed , whether in Saudi Arabia or other , " not necessarily to be completed successfully ," but may be a variation on the assessment or orientation between the two sides in the last moments deal.
    He added that the group acted as advisor in the acquisition of " Al-Babtain Power " and " STC " the company Hisham Hilal Al Suwaidi & Co. Steel Industries Limited " Energia " , but the deal stalled due to differences in assessment and orientation between the two parties ; according to the saying .
    The Board of Directors of " Al-Babtain " has decided in 28 (November ) last not to proceed with acquisition of the Swedish company Hesham Helal " Energia " .The company said: thier was no agreement between the parties regarding the transaction.
    " Al-Babtain "have been submitted in June last," a non-binding offer "to" Energia ", which located its headquarters in Jeddah, to buy the net equity of the company.
    The rest of the markets in the region, Aljondi said: The subtraction procedure for the Arab Company for Cement in Egypt will end in the second quarter of this year, the completion of the merger and acquisitions in the United Arab Emirates will be in the first quarter of this year for an oil services company.
    He added that ' Hermes ' is currently Adviser to Abdullah Al Futtaim Company, to acquire the dealership 'CMC', one of the largest car dealers in the Kenyan market, worth up to $ 90 million. He continued, the purchase offer and approval has been submitted by more than 90 per cent of shareholders, the deal is in the final stages before final regulatory approvals to buy, ' then it will be written off from Nairobi after completion of the transaction. The Director of investment banking in the ' Hermes ', to the interest of investors in the UAE, and the movement of large IPOs, a growing interest in the Africa region, especially in the sectors of consumer. And expect to see the Egyptian market large investment inflows after lingering political benefits of presidential and parliamentary elections. Aljondi said: the Egyptian market has seen a marked improvement in recent months; this was reflected on the Egyptian stock exchange trading volumes, which rose an average daily trading of 250 million pounds in the first half of last year to 850 million pounds.

    He added that the developments in the stock market, particularly after the issuance of the new listing rules, will help put many big companies in the market, attract more liquidity rates. He noted that a long list of companies seeking listing on the stock market, but expects further improvement in trading volume. The Egyptian market and some markets in the region, has a strong activity in the period ahead, and cash flows by investment funds and global financial institutions, after separation from Latin America relative and emerging in Asian markets.

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