• Saudi Stock intervention second quarter elevated to the highest level in 6 years



    Resistance exceeded 9550 points stimulates liquidity
    Saudi Stock intervention second quarter elevated to the highest level in 6 years


    Saudi shares continued to rise for the third straight session Friday up to the highest level in nearly six years, with the General Market close 9516 point score line when he was traded in July 2008 when 9637 points. Shares in petrochemical sector rise led by SABIC and the agriculture sector led the most contribution arrow Savola profit market indicator. And still the market achieves low rates on liquidity compared with the monthly average, which continued for the 10th meeting without achieving high monthly rate despite the continued achievement of market index new levels. And may justify the low trading volume and wider participation of dealers, to await the results, plus the cursor for approached the levels of resistance important when 9550 points. But the barrier of resistance may spur customers to pump more liquidity as a result of higher risk appetite which will connect the indicator to levels of 9,800 points.

    The overall performanceof the market


    The General index was trading opened at 9458 points, did not achieve any significant losses of moving upwards until it reached a new level with point 9472 gains 0.45 per cent, the closure will win 42 points. Trading value rose 4 percent to 8.1 billion riyals, the rate per transaction value 37.5 thousand riyals. Shares traded amounted to 254 million shares, down 2 per cent, the proportion of recycling 1.34 percent, the deals rose to 134 a deal.

    Sector Performance

    Three sectors decreased, compared to the high 12 sectors. High exports ' agriculture ' by 1.93 per cent, followed by the retail sector, up 1.52 percent, the third sector of hotels and tourism, 0.73 per cent. Retreating issues ' transport ' by 1.43 per cent followed by the cement sector, 0.34 percent, a third of the energy sector, up 0.12 percent. The ' PC ' was by 21 per cent, worth 1.6 billion, followed by the banking sector, by 11 percent, and the value of 874 million, and third the retail sector, 10 per cent, and the value of 852 million.

    Share Performance


    Trading was 159 shares on the market, rose from 98,-low 32, closed 29 shares unchanged rates. Higher exports shares ' engineer ' by 9.95 percent, closed at 105 riyals, followed by Dallah health ' arrow ', at 5.62 percent, closed at 94 SAR and III share ' Mobrad ' by 4.73 per cent, closed at 46.50 reals. Most declines were shares of ' civil ', at 3.55 per cent, closed at 68 SAR, followed by arrow ' alujain Corporation ' by 3.67 percent, closed at 25 riyals, and the third arrow ' Albahri ', by 3.25 percent, closed at 32.70 reals. And 24 percent of liquidity into six shares, the ' SABIC ' shares stock values, the value of 511 million, 6.3 per cent, followed by ' Alenmaa ' shares worth 424 million by 5.2 per cent, the third arrow ' Dar Al Arkan ' worth 273 million, with 3.4 percent.

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