• Saudi Arabia pumped investment of over 190 billion electricity sector within 3 years


    While planning to reduce dependence on oil,
     Saudi Arabia pumped investments of over 190 billion electricity sector within 3 years
    Saudi Arabia plans to spend 190 billion as giant investment in the electric power sector until 2015, according to the latest official reports and studies issued by the specialized technical studies and research in the institution of the world which Ibok Messi from the German city of Frankfurt. The report said that investment in the electric power generation sector will grow significantly by the year 2015 to reach an estimated 190 billion riyals. The report attributed the expected large Saudi spending on electric power generation sector to the large turnout, especially on electric power and precisely during the hot summer months, it is the same order in the GCC region, a point requiring the provision of large amounts of electric power in parallel with the need for the rational use of electric energy at the same time.
    For rationalization of consumption on using electrical energy, the report stressed that there are smart solutions for the Kingdom, such as the building of smart buildings, and other so-called green technologies and solutions for thermal insulation in new buildings, even gradually, solutions that are expected to provide with the use of techniques led an estimated 5.1 mega tons of carbon dioxide emissions a year. Many Gulf countries welcome smart plans to reduce dependence on oil both as a source to generate electricity and others, and also as a source of income, a trend proving the efficacy of future planning for all GCC countries. The report said that Saudi Arabia and other GCC States want to go early for oil alternatives both for national income and as a source of energy, and this before physically drained or converted into massive oil reserves in the State for simple rates gradually over time.
    Some Gulf countries actually disproportionately rely on alternative sources of energy is gradual and electric power generation from natural gas or even wind power and nuclear plants, and waits to see the next few years, a great success for the advancement of the electric power generation sector. The Kingdom seeks its energy industry liberalization and privatization of the electricity sector beginning in 2014, according to experts involved in the MED Forum for large infrastructure projects. Privatization transactions designed to create a competitive market for electricity in the Kingdom, Saudi Electricity Company which owns the largest share Government with the generation and conversion and distribution of electricity in the Kingdom. The restructuring movement will split the work of generating electricity in Saudi electricity co. to similar companies compete with each other as well as with energy suppliers ,beside established separate transport companies have already launched its work since January.
    Mr. Amer alswaha, head of the independent power producer projects in Saudi Electricity Company said: we are currently working to establish four generating companies and Distribution Company in 2014. These four companies will have the capacity and similar techniques will not depend on the geographical area and the starting point for all of them will be the same because this is what will allow us to compare relative performance. Predictions that the liberalization of the energy sector will contribute to facilitate the growing demand for electricity in the Kingdom rose 8.9 to 51.000 MW in 2011. He said demand is rising strongly expected to exceed 120,000 MW in 2030. He is also expected to encourage a high demand in the future to attract new investments in the energy sector, in turn, enhances the enterprise market in Saudi Arabia.

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