• Saudi Arabia calls for a comprehensive and balanced agreement on Climate Change



    Naimi confirms the necessity for being based on national development programs

    Saudi Arabia calls for a comprehensive and balanced agreement on Climate Change


    Ali Al-Nuaimi, Minister of petroleum and mineral resources said Saudi Arabia was aware of the importance of partnership and cooperation between public and private sector activities and international initiatives for the year 2020, noting that these partnerships help States and private sectors to achieve the objectives in a comprehensive and balanced manner. Nuaimi said the partnership also takes into account national circumstances and capacities, owing to their nature, and are consistent with the development plans of the State, the guarantee of belonging and giving priority to reach the desired results. The partnership can also handle all of the gaps in the mitigation and adaptation to climate change, and promoting the dissemination of techniques and lessons learned from it.
    Engineer Ali al-Nuaimi said at the nineteenth meeting of the Conference of the parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change, held in the Polish capital Warsaw: ' Saudi Arabia affirms that the United Nations Framework Convention on climate change to 2015, must be comprehensive and balanced, and include topics agreed upon at the 18th Conference held in Doha, including: procedures for emission reduction and adaptation to climate change, financing and technology transfer to developing countries.
    He said: ' it should also be based on the Convention into national development programs, taking into account national circumstances and capacities of each country, and to be comprehensive in addressing all gases and sectors without the burden of the cost of the response to climate change to developing countries including the oil exporting countries, and promote the needs of sustainable development in all three developmental pillars: environmental, economic, social, and built the new agreement beyond the year 2020 on the basis of motivational, voluntary and binding at national level for developing countries. And that joint action based on the principle of common but differentiated responsibility, supported by industrialized countries taking the lead by it '.
    The Minister of petroleum and mineral resources of Saudi Arabia has achieved progress in adhering to international initiatives in support of national efforts, said: ' the UK decision to join the initiative of global methane, we are currently preparing our membership in the Organization, and that Saudi Arabia is a member of the leading forum for separating and storing carbon since 2005 and participate actively in all its activities, Saudi Arabia is currently implementing a pilot project to reduce carbon emissions through a project (enhanced oil recovery through CO2 injection), which will start in The second quarter of 2014. He said, ' one of our private sector companies are currently working on the draft chapter and use of carbon dioxide in the production of other substances of economic value, the project will reduce CO2 emissions by 500,000 tons annually, we also participate actively in the initiative addressing the building efficiency and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions associated under the umbrella of the major economies Forum.

    Eng. Al-naimi expressed the conviction that if the Kingdom has been a market-distorting policies and procedures to enhance trade and economic interests of States at the expense of other States under the umbrella of the framework Convention on climate change, that will undermine the joint action, said: we call upon our partners ' to unify efforts to strengthen the work under the Convention on climate change, consistent with our goals and our commitments to sustainable development '.

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