• Renewable energy capacity is set to rise 50% in 5 years


    The International Energy Agency (IEA) expects global renewable energy capacity to increase by 50 percent in five years, driven by solar panel installations over homes, buildings, and industrial facilities.​

    According to "Reuters" due to the approved total electricity capacity of renewable energy rises by 1.2 Terra Watt by 2024 from 2.5 Terra Watt last year, which is equivalent to the total electricity capacity in the United States currently.

    The agency's annual report on global renewable energy showed that solar panels will account for about 60 percent of this growth and onshore wind power plants will account for 25 percent.

    It is expected that the share of renewable energy sources in electricity generation increases to 30 percent by 2024 from 26 percent at the moment.​

    The cost of generating electricity from solar panels is already lower than retail electricity prices in most countries.​

    The agency said that the decline is expected generation costs of photovoltaic panels between 15 and 35 percent by 2024, which will increase the attractiveness of the adoption of technology.​

    But the report said policy and fee reforms were needed to ensure sustainable growth of solar panels, avoid disruptions to electricity markets and high energy costs.

    According to the agency "Bloomberg" news last week that the study published by the Joint Research Center of the European Union, the bloc's leaders urged to pay closer attention to the quantities of water used in conventional plants to generate electricity from coal, natural gas, and nuclear energy.​

    More than 1,300 liters of water - enough to fill four baths - are needed to generate electricity, which every European citizen consumes every day.

    Researchers wrote whose interested in water and energy, led by Duffy Fanaham "For the European Union, the disposal of carbon and increased use of renewable sources in power generation needs to develop policies that take into account water consumption during the production of energy from different sources."

    And it consumes power plants from coal, oil and nuclear energy 30 percent of the water, which is consumed for electricity consumed by Europeans production, compared to 1.7 percent of consumed electricity generation from all renewable energy sources combined.​

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