• New Saudi gas facility in El fadili


    ‚ÄčNational Oil Company "Saudi Aramco" planning for new facility for gas oil processing in "Alfadili" field with processing power reaching billion cubic feet a day of gas is high sulfur. Saudi Aramco excavated stepped up gas to increase its production to meet the growing domestic demand for fuel, the company completed in 2012 Crane the first gas field development, and not to be linked to any oil field. The new facility will handle gas from two fields, namely: Alkharasanyah, Alhasbah, when Saudi Arabia already in treatment facilities for oil and gas in Alkharasanyah.
    Alhasbah is one of the two seaports are not associated with oil fields, will feed the Wasit project being developed currently. Informed sources said 'Reuters': the facility is scheduled to begin working in 2018 and will export 520 million square feet of gas to market. Saudi Aramco has already invited companies to bid for contracts for the design and management of the project. Alhasbah field contains gas that's high in hydrogen, sulphide, nitrogen and carbon dioxide and high sulphur gas called the '' bitter '' gas is harder in the treatment of other types of gas. Saudi Aramco said in its annual report for the year 2012 of the newly excavated about unconventional gas sources continues, referring to the three regions are: North West, and the southern part of the largest field in ghawar, in the Empty Quarter.
    Mr. Al-Husseini, the former Saudi Aramco Chief Executive and current Chairman of Alhuseini Corporation , is an independent consulting firm, to establish a new land for processing gas in the fadili and Alkharasanyah fields opens new opportunities to take advantage of the huge untapped reserves of gas in the deep levels.
    With Dr. Rashid Al-abanumay, President of the center of petroleum policy and strategic Outlook, the associated gas production is usually expensive, adding that Saudi Aramco in the 1980s tended to deal with gas coming with oil, creating a number of petrochemical and industrial enterprises and cement industries.
     He said also that increased consumption in the latest gas supply shortages, prompting Saudi Aramco instead of burning gas in a number of fields in Al Khafji Arabia due to high costs of production and processing, adding that gas is expensive because of the oil that is produced from wells is imbued with fadili field sulphur and multiple flaws.
    The cost of gas production is relatively expensive because the processing of the gas contains impurities assigned four of the best burning and buy it from foreign markets at a price of $ 3.75 dollars per thousand feet, but Saudi Arabia now sells locally thanks to gas consumption increased the price of 70 cents per thousand feet, offers national companies such as SABIC, while global price of $ 3.75 dollars.
    He added that if Saudi Aramco had gas processing in the field might cost $ 2 dollars for a thousand feet, at the same time will be forced to sell it to local companies by 70 cents, and hinted at the possibility of exporting to foreign markets and selling it, according to world prices, when Saudi Aramco is to burn the gas in oil fields that they consider it from a business perspective, while it was the best investment of these resources.

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