• Natural gas fuels more widely used for the production of electricity in Saudi Arabia


    Accounted for 46% of the used energy
    Natural gas fuels more widely used for the production of electricity in Saudi Arabia

    Natural gas has been great for the main elements of the fuel used in the production of electrical energy in Saudi Arabia (as heat content) for year 2013 by 46 per cent, between the monitoring unit reports that Saudi Arabia consumed locally from natural gas to 496.4 million bpd in 2013 with a growth rate of 2 per cent, equivalent to 11.8 million barrels consumption year 2012, $ 484.6 million barrels. And is ranked second (crude oil) in terms of fuels used in electricity production by 29 per cent, with consumption of crude oil Kingdom to 176.9 million bpd in 2013, compared with 193.5 million barrels in the year 2012, a decline of 9 per cent as 16.6 million barrels.
    In Third place came diesel by 15 percent, and consumption of diesel in 2013, about 259.4 million barrels compared to 253.1 million barrels, an increase of 6.3 million barrels by 3 per cent. Finally came the heavy fuel oil by 10 per cent and the volume of consumption of the Kingdom in the year 2013, to 107.5 million barrels, compared with 91.5 million barrels, an increase of some 16 million barrels by 17 per cent. The fuel used in electricity production has risen from Kingdom consumption locally by 2 percent in 2013, compared to the year 2012.
    The ' economic ' was posted on 3 June 2014 report on consumption of electricity in 2013 and which rose by 6.8 per cent, where the amount some 256.7 million mega Watts as compared to 240.3 million mega Watts in 2012. The Government finally released report estimated the size of the Government support to the price of fuel for electricity production in Saudi Arabia last year 2013 approximately 150 billion, indicating that the housing sector consumed 48% of the total electrical energy during the year 2013.

    According to a report of the electricity and cogeneration regulatory authority, the number of subscribers to the service of 5.6 million subscribers, said the residential sector alone accounted for nearly half of total electricity consumption in Saudi Arabia, adding that overhead air-conditioning sole responsibility for 70 per cent of the consumption of electricity. The average cost of production of the power unit (kilowatt hour), transfer, distribution, which is produced by Saudi electricity company – the only operator of the electricity service in Saudi Arabia, about 15.2 halalas (per kilo Watt hour), including operating expenses and capital expenses, and the cost of fuel and purchased power, and bonus depreciations.

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